Scrapbooking With Office Supplies A Money Saving Alternative

Scrapbooking With Office Supplies A Money Saving Alternative

Scrapbooking With Office Supplies : a​ Money-saving Alternative
You love scrapbooking as​ a​ hobby,​ but staying within your budget can be a​ challenge if​ you want to​ indulge in​ all the​ latest paper and embellishments for your page layouts .​
It's important to​ balance your passion for making beautiful scrapbook pages with your need to​ stay out of​ debt .​
Scrapbooking with office supplies can be a​ cost-effective alternative to​ high-priced scrapbooking embellishments.
The first thing to​ consider when using office supplies in​ your page layouts is​ the​ overall topic of​ your scrapbook .​
For example,​ is​ this the​ kind of​ scrapbook that has a​ very informal theme to​ it​ – a​ way for you to​ chronicle events shared with family and friends? Or,​ is​ this a​ more formal scrapbook that will be presented to​ someone as​ a​ gift? It's easier to​ use readily-available office supplies in​ an​ informal album than a​ formal album,​ like a​ wedding scrapbook.
Visit your local office supply store or​ even a​ large discount store,​ and shop for the​ basics first .​
Does the​ store carry archival safe pens and paper? Check for essential tools like scissors,​ adhesives and paper cutters .​
You often will get a​ better price at​ these types of​ stores than the​ local scrapbooking store .​

Now get creative with possible embellishments .​
Look for colorful paper clips,​ brads,​ simple stickers,​ and staples .​
Don't limit yourself to​ the​ standard sizes either .​
Large paper clips and brads can become accents for photos or​ journaling blocks .​
Staples and brads can be used in​ much the​ same way as​ adhesives .​
Use them to​ attach die cuts to​ a​ page or​ add a​ larger page element like a​ decorative tag .​

Office supply stores sell a​ variety of​ tags as​ well .​
In fact,​ when tags on​ scrapbooking pages first became popular,​ I​ could only find tags in​ office stores .​
They are so versatile on​ your layouts .​
Tags come in​ a​ variety of​ shapes and sizes .​
Look for circle tags,​ rectangular tags,​ and square price tags .​
I​ especially like to​ use the​ tiny price tags that come attached to​ a​ piece of​ string .​
Tags from office supply stores usually only come in​ white or​ beige,​ but you can overlay cardstock on​ them to​ give them more color,​ or​ you can paint,​ ink or​ chalk them .​
I​ use tags in​ my page titles,​ journaling blocks,​ and as​ a​ unique page element all its own.
You can find a​ lot different envelope options when scrapbooking with office supplies .​
Check the​ aisles for mailing and shipping materials,​ as​ well as​ the​ stationary section .​
a​ few years ago I​ learned about bank envelopes .​
These are small little envelopes that make fun pockets for a​ short note or​ photo on​ your page .​
They can be a​ little difficult to​ find,​ but I​ usually found them in​ the​ section where cash register tape is​ sold .​

A little imagination can go a​ long way toward stretching your scrapbooking supply budget .​
Adding office supplies is​ just one option .​
Look around you for more everyday items that can be used in​ your scrapbooks.

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