Scope Of SEO In India

SEO which is​ commonly known as​ Search Engine Optimization is​ meant to​ increase the​ visibility of​ the​ website. For a​ commercial website it​ means a​ lot. if​ your website is​ not getting traffic,​ means that website is​ not getting visitors and it​ directly means that website is​ not able to​ sale any thing. Just because a​ website is​ not getting visitor it​ won’t be able to​ fulfill the​ desire of​ its owner.

Hence,​ a​ website is​ always requiring visitors and for that we will have to​ do the​ search engine optimization of​ that website,​ so that visitors can come to​ the​ website and we can convert them into customers.

When I first started doing search engine optimization in​ year 2004,​ the​ term SEO was not well known to​ me. I was not at​ all aware from it. Like me,​ there were so many people around me who even don’t know what is​ the​ word SEO means. Even today some people asks me is​ it​ Senior Executive Officer,​ as​ if​ CEO means Chief Executive Officer.

Hence we can say that SEO is​ not a​ well known term in​ India even today,​ but yes after three years I can see a​ huge difference. Most of​ the​ people who are using internet for any means are a​ bit aware from it. a​ few years ago,​ there were so many people who are not even aware from websites. Then comes the​ world of​ net banking,​ HDFC Bank,​ ICICI Bank etc. played a​ huge role in​ increasing the​ role of​ internet in​ common people. Also social network sites like Orkut played an​ important role in​ increasing the​ usability of​ internet in​ India.

Now an​ era has arrived when people are looking for there own websites,​ and they are also aware from the​ fact that it​ should have good visibility too. Hence,​ demand of​ website design and development and SEO is​ increasing day by day. as​ the​ number of​ websites will increase demand for SEO will also increase. Hence,​ I can see a​ good prospect of​ search engine optimization in​ India in​ near future.

Also from the​ market point of​ view,​ work of​ SEO is​ quite costly in​ western countries,​ and it​ is​ quite cheaper in​ India. Hence,​ people are use to​ outsource there work to​ India. They use to​ take work from there and then outsource it​ to​ India so that they can get the​ work done in​ a​ cheaper rate,​ and they can get good cost for it. Hence,​ scope of​ SEO in​ India in​ near future is​ quite good.

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