Scientific Wealth Building Secrets 7 Diversification

Scientific Wealth Building Secrets 7 Diversification

Scientific wealth building secrets! - #7 - Diversification
This is​ a​ series of​ articles about studying general scientific ideas to​ create a​ wealth building system that works according to​ the​ laws of​ the​ Universe .​
These concepts come from observing our environment .​
Scientists have discovered that the​ laws of​ nature follow certain patterns .​
Some physical laws seem to​ be present everywhere, from the​ tiny atoms to​ the​ enormous stars .​
Everything on the​ physical realm tends to​ be influenced by these laws, therefore they can be applied to​ your businesses too as​ you will see in​ just a​ few minutes .​
The whole series contain the​ following articles .​

1. Entropy
2. Life
3. Multiplication
4. Synergism
5. Inertia
6. Gravity
7. Diversification

Diversification is​ everywhere in​ nature .​
Life is​ not about one thing .​
It is​ about many things .​
It is​ as​ the​ saying goes “variety is​ the​ spice of​ life.” On this article I​ will share information with you about diversification and​ how you can apply this concept to​ your business.
There is​ a​ great deal of​ diversification in​ the​ Universe .​
Planets are different from each other .​
The same with stars and​ galaxies .​
They differ in​ shape, size, color, internal structure, etc.
There is​ a​ diversified uniformity in​ the​ Universe .​
For example, living things contain carbon as​ one of​ their components .​
a​ cell is​ the​ basic smallest structural unit of​ life .​
There are many common similitudes like these among living organisms, but their all differ in​ size, color, specie, habitat, life span, physical strength and​ many other aspects.
The same happens with businesses .​
If you focus on developing only one product, you may be very successful at​ it, but most businesses try to​ market at​ least a​ few products .​
People love to​ have options .​
For example all cars have a​ similar basic structure: a​ vehicle useful for​ transportation with four wheels, an​ engine, a​ windshield, etc.
What makes an​ individual choose a​ car instead of​ another is​ the​ details .​
Often small details make a​ big difference .​
The same happens with the​ products or​ services that a​ business can offer to​ its clients .​
When your clients come to​ you, they may not like a​ product that you show them just because of​ its color .​
By making small changes and​ giving people more options you can increase your sales.
Another way to​ apply diversification to​ business is​ to​ set up multiple streams of​ income .​
You can do this by increasing the​ sources of​ income within your business .​
Also you can start new businesses and​ make different investments .​
As the​ saying goes: “Don’t put all your eggs in​ one basket.” Also “diversification is​ the​ only free lunch.”
The idea is​ to​ not diversify all at​ once, but rather, one step at​ a​ time .​
If you try to​ do everything at​ the​ same time you may get stuck .​
a​ good idea would be to​ start a​ business and​ diversify your streams of​ income within that business .​
It could be for​ example to​ offer different products and​ services to​ your clients, so they have options to​ choose .​
Then, once the​ business becomes profitable, you can diversify and​ set up another stream of​ income and​ another and​ another, etc .​
Investments are a​ good option too .​
Many investments allow you to​ receive passive income, so you don’t have to​ be constantly working to​ earn the​ money.
The idea of​ diversification is​ very important .​
If you put all your efforts into one project only, you are taking a​ risk .​
Multiple streams of​ income are specially good to​ back up unexpected money problems when they appear out of​ nowhere .​
That’s why many wealthy people have different businesses instead of​ only one.
As you can see, these are just basic examples of​ how you can apply scientific laws to​ your businesses and​ become more profitable .​
On this article I​ shared information with you about diversification .​
You can learn about other physical laws and​ their applications to​ wealth building techniques from my other articles .​

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