Scent Or No Scent That Is The Question About Good Skin Care Products

Scent Or No Scent That Is The Question About Good Skin Care Products

Scent or​ No Scent That is​ the​ Question about Good Skin Care Products
With all the​ skin beauty products available in​ the​ market today,​ one tends to​ wonder which products really work and​ which ones do not make good on​ their promises,​ as​ advertised . ​
Another major concern,​ especially among women,​ is​ the​ possible presence of​ harmful ingredients in​ these products . ​
Most women really want to​ know which items can be considered as​ good skin care products . ​
They also need to​ identify which ones should be avoided in​ order to​ minimize if​ not prevent skin damage due to​ harsh chemicals . ​

Most skin care products contain these ingredients propylene glycol,​ mineral oil,​ and​ petroleum . ​
But most users of​ these products dont really bother to​ look at​ whats inside the​ bottle or​ container . ​
the​ decision to​ buy the​ product is​ often made after one is​ exposed to​ advertisements or​ if​ one finds a​ particular product to​ delightful in​ terms of​ its fragrance . ​

The smell of​ the​ skin care product is​ an​ important factor to​ consider not only for​ the​ sake of​ ones nose . ​
the​ fragrance of​ the​ product can actually harm ones skin especially if​ the​ user of​ the​ skin care item has an​ allergy to​ certain chemicals used in​ making perfume . ​

A research study was done some years ago on​ a​ certain brand name of​ a​ perfume and​ has found this brand to​ contain 41 different ingredients that are known to​ be carcinogenic . ​
the​ said fragrance was also found to​ cause respiratory tract infections and​ other ailments . ​
Researchers say that even if​ the​ product label says that it​ is​ merely a​ fragrance,​ the​ product could still have been made from various chemicals,​ of​ which only 20% could have been tested for​ safety by the​ U . ​
S . ​
Food and​ ​Drug​ Administration . ​
if​ a​ person has sensitive skin,​ then fragrance of​ any kind should definitely be avoided . ​
Skin care products with harmful chemicals could potentially cause more harm than good if​ one has sensitive skin . ​

Other products that are used daily should also be reviewed carefully to​ determine their potential as​ skin irritants . ​
Perfume or​ fragrance is​ found in​ shampoo,​ conditioners,​ hairspray,​ makeup,​ shaving cream,​ deodorants,​ soap,​ baby care products,​ and​ just about every household cleaning or​ laundry product found in​ supermarket shelves . ​
Just to​ be safe,​ always choose products that are marked as​ fragrancefree or​ without perfume . ​
Do not choose a​ product that is​ labeled as​ unscented since that usually means that another chemical was added to​ mask the​ scent of​ other ingredients and​ chemicals . ​

In case one is​ not willing or​ able to​ totally give up fragrances,​ there is​ one good skin care product that is​ a​ musthave a​ shielding lotion . ​
a​ good shielding lotion bonds with the​ outer layer of​ the​ skin to​ form a​ protective layer that keeps out chemicals . ​
it​ can help prevent the​ absorption of​ the​ fragrances and​ prevent uncomfortable skin allergic reactions . ​

Indeed,​ beauty should be more than skindeep . ​
in​ the​ same manner,​ women should also be more discerning or​ choosy about the​ products they buy and​ use . ​
Being 100% convinced by television advertisements or​ getting the​ urge the​ buy a​ product due to​ its packaging or​ scent may cause unexpected harm . ​
the​ best advice would be to​ know if​ one has a​ skin allergy and​ identify which products are safe for​ everyday use . ​

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