Saving Money When Heading Off To College

Saving Money When Heading Off To College

Saving Money When Heading Off To College
Heading off to​ college can be a​ nerve-racking experience,​ particularly when you start adding up all of​ the​ expenses you will be facing when you attend school .​
Though college is​ going to​ be somewhat costly regardless of​ what you do,​ there are a​ few things you can do to​ help save yourself some money when heading off to​ pursue your dreams .​

Take Advantage of​ Pre-Paid Meal Plans
With pre-paid meal plans,​ which are offered by most colleges to​ students staying on​ campus,​ you can actually get a​ pretty good deal when it​ comes to​ how much you will be paying per meal .​
Of course,​ you need to​ be on​ campus and at​ the​ student dining hall in​ order to​ take advantage of​ these free meals .​
Try not to​ get caught up in​ socializing off campus so much that you miss out on​ the​ meals you have already paid for with the​ pre-paid meal plan.
Shop Smart when Purchasing Textbooks
College textbooks can be quite costly .​
In fact,​ the​ books you need for just one class can cost you hundreds of​ dollars if​ you buy your books from the​ campus bookstore.
Rather than shelling out unnecessary dollars,​ see about buying the​ used books the​ store will have to​ offer .​
You will need to​ get in​ early,​ however,​ because used books usually fly off of​ the​ shelf pretty quickly.
If the​ campus bookstore is​ out of​ used books,​ try looking online with bookstores such as​ .​
Another option is​ to​ ask around campus .​
More than likely,​ there is​ someone else on​ your campus that has already taken the​ class that will be more than happy to​ sell the​ book to​ you.
Another way to​ save money on​ textbooks is​ to​ purchase international books .​
Books sold in​ other countries usually have the​ same content as​ those bought in​ the​ states but cost much less in​ order to​ be appropriate for that country’s economy .​
These books may be made of​ less quality paper and may contain only black and white print,​ but the​ savings can be quite substantial.
Bypass the​ Bookstore when Selling Old Textbooks
When you are done with your textbooks,​ you most likely won’t be using them again .​
Therefore,​ you can sell the​ books in​ order to​ recoup some of​ the​ money you spent to​ buy them in​ the​ first place.
Many people take their textbooks back to​ the​ campus bookstore to​ resell them .​
While this is​ convenient,​ you can actually make more money if​ you sell your books directly to​ someone without bothering with the​ bookstore .​
In fact,​ you can make more money while also providing that person with a​ better deal than what the​ bookstore has to​ offer.
Look Into Student Discounts and Freebies
In order to​ experience college to​ its fullest,​ you will likely want to​ be involved in​ a​ number of​ different activities .​
Many times,​ students can actually receive special discounts or​ can even get into certain events for free .​
Be sure to​ find out about free events and concerts that are offered nearby and take advantage of​ them in​ order to​ socialize and have fun .​
Also,​ ask businesses whether or​ not they offer student discounts and take advantage of​ these offerings as​ well.

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