Saving Money Over The Christmas Period

Saving Money Over The Christmas Period

Saving Money over the​ Christmas Period
Christmas is​ one of​ the​ busiest times of​ year .​
There are so many things to​ think of .​
People have usually got family or​ friends visiting,​ the​ Christmas meal to​ cook,​ gifts to​ buy and wrap and decorations to​ put up .​
It can also be a​ very expensive time of​ year .​
Many people report huge regrets every January when they have over spent on​ Christmas presents and all the​ related costs .​

If you are worried about finances this Christmas,​ or​ want to​ cut down a​ little on​ expenses there are a​ few simple money saving tips you can take .​

Secret Santa
First of​ all there are gifts .​
Depending on​ the​ size of​ your family you may spend a​ lot of​ money on​ gifts over the​ Christmas period .​
One of​ the​ things you might consider doing is​ arranging a​ secret Santa .​
These are a​ great way to​ cut down on​ gift costs and can also be a​ lot of​ fun .​
How it​ works is​ you get a​ group of​ friends or​ family members together and put everyone’s name in​ a​ hat .​
Then you each pick a​ name from the​ hat at​ random .​
This is​ the​ person you buy a​ present for .​
The game guarantees that everyone gets a​ present while at​ the​ same time meaning that you only have to​ buy one present .​
You can keep the​ gifts anonymous or​ not depending on​ your preference .​

Another thing you can look at​ doing this Christmas if​ you want to​ save some money is​ consider making gifts .​
You can bake cookies or​ cakes,​ or​ make gifts using some craft you are good at​ or​ enjoy such as​ knitting,​ cross-stitching or​ patch working .​
You can also make your own Christmas cards .​
This can be fun and many people will appreciate the​ personal touch .​

Debt Consolidation
Christmas shouldn’t be all about saving money,​ but it​ shouldn’t be about falling into debt either .​
It is​ generous to​ give but no one expects you to​ give more than you can afford .​
If you are having trouble with debts then you shouldn’t be over spending this Christmas .​
There are many things you can do to​ get debts back under control .​
One option would be debt consolidation .​
This means taking out a​ loan to​ pay off all your existing debts .​
The interest rates will be far lower than those on​ other debts such as​ credit cards and the​ savings will give you the​ chance you need to​ get your finances back under control.

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