Saving Money On Your Grocery Bills

Saving Money On Your Grocery Bills

Saving Money on Your Grocery Bills
How is​ your grocery bill month to​ month? Do you end up spending more than you wanted every month? if​ ​ you are at​ ​ all like me, a​ working wife and​ ​ mother, grocery shopping and​ ​ meal time can be a​ stressful and​ ​ time consuming endeavor .​

And, if​ ​ getting the​ meal on the​ table for​ a​ descent price is​ not enough, there is​ the​ health issue that factors in .​

Attempting to​ provide healthy meals that will not empty the​ pocketbook can be difficult to​ find! With some great tips, you will see the​ benefits you receive when you start shopping smart and​ ​ eating at​ ​ home .​

it​ is​ worth it!
The following are easy ideas to​ help you save money when you go to​ the​ grocery store and​ ​ when you are at​ ​ home cooking.
Be creative
If you forgot or​ forget something at​ ​ the​ store think about what else you might be able to​ use .​

for​ example, I​ ​ have forgotten to​ grab butter a​ staple item and​ ​ potato soup was on the​ menu for​ the​ night .​

I​ ​ substituted olive oil for​ butter that night and​ ​ it​ worked great!
Use leftovers
For example, if​ ​ you have stuff left over from week one, use it​ the​ next .​

Use up all salad stuff and​ ​ things that can go bad, even if​ ​ you have to​ create a​ new meal that is​ not on your meal plan .​

Wasted food = wasted money .​

Be a​ smart shopper!
I think that often people are not prepared when they do go grocery shopping and​ ​ end up spending more money than they intended to​ on food that is​ not healthy for​ them .​

Remember the​ stuff from the​ meal plan information below!
First, do the​ preparation work at​ ​ home .​

Look at​ ​ the​ local ads before you go .​

Make meal plans according to​ the​ ads from that week.
Second, be flexible! Recently, while at​ ​ a​ grocery store, I​ ​ saw a​ special on good quality split chicken breast .​

They were $1.48/lb .​

which was a​ savings of​ $1.41/lb .​

off what they normally cost .​

When I​ ​ saw them, I​ ​ had never bought split chicken breast and​ ​ was not sure of​ the​ differences when comparing them to​ regular chicken breast .​

So, I​ ​ asked the​ guy behind the​ meat counter .​

He explained that there was a​ small bone in​ the​ back of​ the​ meat that could easily be cut or​ picked out .​

I​ ​ was sold! After cooking the​ meat to​ make the​ meals, I​ ​ think I​ ​ actually like this cheaper meat better! it​ was juicier than my normally boiled chicken breasts come out.
Third, do not go to​ the​ shops hungry! Why does it​ seem that you rush off to​ the​ grocery store and​ ​ once there, while shopping for​ food, you suddenly realize that you are very hungry? This almost guarantees that you will spend money on food that you do not need and​ ​ is​ most likely not healthy for​ you.
Be prepared
When you leave to​ go shopping, pick a​ time where you do not feel rushed .​

This will better help you to​ stick to​ your list and​ ​ to​ eating better foods!
Have staples on hand
Here is​ a​ list of​ things to​ have on hand for​ cooking and​ ​ baking .​

These are the​ items I​ ​ have found most helpful .​

Look through the​ list and​ ​ decide what items your family uses, then add and​ ​ subtract items as​ it​ makes sense for​ you and​ ​ your family.
White Flour
Wheat Flour
Quick Oats
Shortening or​ Lard
Oil olive or​ grape seed are best
Frozen Vegetables whatever is​ cheap and​ ​ your family likes
White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Herbs/spices like garlic, cumin, ginger, parsley, oregano, etc.
Bouillon Cubes Chicken
Bread Crumbs
Soy Sauce
Worcester Sauce
Butter tub
Sticks of​ Butter
Start meal planning!
What is​ a​ meal plan, you might be thinking .​

a​ meal plan is​ exactly that, putting together a​ plan for​ your meals .​

Decide what you are going to​ eat and​ ​ putting it​ in​ to​ practice .​

There are many reasons to​ have a​ meal plan .​

Here are a​ few of​ those reasons and​ ​ why they are important.
Save money through a​ meal plan! Make a​ meal plan according to​ ingredients .​

Put recipes and​ ​ meals together so that ingredients are not wasted because they are not needed and​ ​ are, therefore, unused .​

Save time through having a​ plan and​ ​ shopping lists When you go to​ the​ grocery store, you will have a​ list to​ go from and​ ​ will not by unneeded or​ overpriced items.
Spend more time together as​ a​ family With a​ meal plan, you will consequently eat more at​ ​ home .​

Dinnertime is​ a​ great opportunity to​ talk and​ ​ spend time together .​

Take advantage of​ this!
Save energy With a​ meal plan you will make fewer trips to​ the​ grocery store .​

a​ meal plan enables you to​ stop thinking about what you will make for​ dinner that night, what ingredients you still need for​ it, and​ ​ how to​ put it​ together .​

a​ meal plan helps you to​ be organized!
Eat healthier You will not be going out as​ much with a​ meal plan ready for​ you, this will help you eat healthier foods at​ ​ home! You will eat a​ better variety of​ foods since you have thought about it​ ahead of​ time .​

You can plan for​ healthier meals and​ ​ start to​ understand what is​ going into your body .​

Thinking through the​ food you eat will automatically make you more aware and​ ​ hopefully help you make wise decisions!

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