Saving Money On Car Gas

Saving Money On Car Gas

Saving Money on​ Car Gas
With the​ cost of​ gas today,​ we​ are all looking for ways to​ save money .​
Below are several tips that will help you save on​ car gas .​
Every little bit adds up.
*Get a​ Gas Card
Almost all major gas stations offer their own brand of​ gas credit card that will allow you to​ save 3-5 percent on​ all your gas purchases at​ their stations .​
Saving 5 percent off every gallon of​ gas means a​ savings of​ around $3.75 per tank.
*Avoid Aggressive Driving
Hitting the​ gas pedal hard when the​ light turns green and braking hard when you stop will increase the​ rate at​ which your car using its gas .​
*Use Your Cruise Control
Cruise control not only helps you drive at​ a​ steady speed but also saves you gas .​
On average,​ you'll save about seven percent more gas than if​ you don't use cruise control .​
*Slow Down
Sure,​ going fast can be fun .​
It can also get you a​ nice collection of​ speeding tickets,​ but more importantly,​ the​ faster you drive the​ more gas you use .​
*Stop Idling
If you going to​ be sitting and waiting some place without moving for more than about a​ minute,​ turn off the​ engine .​
It probably goes without saying that if​ you can avoid rush hour traffic,​ you should .​

*Plan Ahead
Map out the​ places you will need to​ stop at​ and figure the​ shortest route .​
This not only saves gas,​ it​ save time. .​
*You have legs - use them
Really want to​ save money on​ gas? Then use your legs .​
a​ lot of​ trips aren't really that far,​ and while it​ takes a​ little longer to​ walk somewhere than to​ drive,​ it's a​ good chance to​ get outside for some fresh air and get some exercise in​ the​ process .​
If you don't want to​ walk,​ think about getting a​ bicycle.

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