Saving Energy In The Kitchen

Saving Energy In The Kitchen

The kitchen, with all its appliances, gadgets and heat, is​ a​ real hotspot for potential energy saving. as​ the oven uses the most energy and creates a​ vast amount of​ heat while cooking foods, it​ is​ a​ good place to​ start.

For instance, when baking cookies use two trays. While one is​ in​ the oven baking, the other one is​ prepped with raw cookies – ready to​ replace the tray in​ the oven with no wasted heat and some time saved. When we bake bread we also fill the oven with foil wrapped potatoes. The potatoes can be stored in​ the fridge without the foil and used throughout the week in​ a​ myriad of​ recipes, or​ as​ a​ side dish. This method can be applied to​ a​ menu plan in​ that if​ you are baking one dish, try to​ include a​ side dish that is​ baked as​ well.

By turning off the oven a​ minute or​ two before the dish is​ done, the residual heat will finish the cooking. When done with the oven, open the door to​ allow any leftover heat to​ warm the home.

Pasta cooking water can be left out until it​ has completely cooled – so that the heat and moisture are released back into the air. Before pulling the plug, consider leaving hot dishwater (and bath water) until it​ cools. Why pay to​ heat up your sewer pipes? When cooking vegetables, consider steaming instead of​ boiling. When steamed, more nutrients are retained in​ the food, and because it​ requires less water to​ heat - there is​ less energy used.

In summer, consider cooking on the barbecue to​ help keep the house cool. Most barbecues now include side burners that make outdoor cooking all that much easier.
All these methods are relatively easy to​ adopt and when added up, the savings in​ energy and time really do make a​ difference.

Saving Energy In The Kitchen

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