Save Time And Money

Save Time And Money

While the​ old rule of​ thumb may have been "don't fix it​ until it's broke,​" today's seasoned homeowners have adopted a​ new school of​ thought-"prevent it​ before it​ happens."

For starters,​ don't overlook termites. Each year,​ Americans spend $5 billion repairing the​ damage caused by these hungry little pests. What's more,​ termite damage is​ not typically covered by homeowners' insurance,​ leaving consumers to​ foot the​ entire bill for costly damages that could have been caught early or​ avoided entirely by regular inspections and preventative treatments by pest professionals.

Savvy homeowners,​ sellers and buyers keep this costly pest on​ their radar and take proactive steps to​ defend their homes. Here are four main points to​ keep in​ mind when it​ comes to​ dealing with these evil wood-feasters:

1. it​ is​ critical to​ get a​ professional termite inspection before selling/purchasing a​ home and as​ an​ annual task. Thriving termite infestations can be found in​ the​ farthest reaches of​ the​ home-behind shower walls,​ in​ attics,​ in​ old tree stumps in​ the​ yard. After settlement,​ new homeowners can be stuck with mounting bills from termite damage repairs and treatments-not exactly the​ world's best housewarming gift.

2. Learning about professional termite treatment options will save homeowners time and money in​ the​ long run. There are many products out there and effectiveness varies among them. Experts recommend treating a​ home with one of​ the​ newest types of​ treatment available-an undetectable liquid. With this treatment,​ termites unknowingly crawl through treated soil and pass the​ liquid's active ingredient throughout the​ entire colony,​ wiping out the​ whole problem in​ as​ little as​ three months.

3. Since termite damage often happens without a​ homeowner knowing it,​ only a​ preventative termite treatment can give homeowners peace of​ mind that their homes won't be invaded by these pests. Simply put,​ the​ cost of​ a​ preventative termite treatment far outweighs the​ substantive costs that rack up once termites are discovered by a​ homeowner-all the​ while protecting the​ value of​ a​ home,​ and ensuring a​ home will remain termite-free for years to​ come.

4. Above all,​ leave pest control to​ the​ professionals. While products available at​ home and garden centers can be helpful,​ if​ a​ problem persists,​ it​ usually requires a​ trained pest professional to​ deal with it​ effectively.

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