Save Money Use Projector Bulbs

Save Money - Use Projector Bulbs
Halogen lights have become popular as​ an​ overhead projector light .​
These projector bulbs provide high-intensity light that gives the​ presentation better lighting and dimming that ensure positive image precision .​
Here are the​ characteristics of​ the​ projector bulbs that you should consider in​ purchasing one .​
The projector bulb comes in​ many design,​ brand names,​ model,​ wattage and voltage .​
To identify whether the​ projector bulbs would fit your projector equipment,​ make sure learn your projector bulbs before purchasing .​
These bulbs have been used in:
- Business presentations
- School reporting
- Home-based cinema
1 .​
Type and Shape
Check the​ base and note its type and shape .​
Make sure you know what the​ brand and model number of​ the​ projector bulbs for your projector - they should be listed in​ the​ user manual .​
If you happen to​ have lost your user manual,​ try the​ company website - they likely offer for download the​ user manuals that you can print off .​
This would ensure you don't go to​ the​ store and end up coming back with an​ incompatable bulb .​
If you are not aware of​ the​ brand,​ describe the​ shape of​ the​ projector bulbs base to​ the​ attendant at​ the​ light store .​
You could specify by telling the​ assistant about the​ shape of​ the​ bulb itself .​
2 .​
Size Matters
The size of​ the​ glass bulb is​ important .​
Basically,​ projector bulbs differ in​ the​ sizes of​ the​ bulbs' envelope or​ casing .​
The size of​ the​ projector bulbs would distinguish your bulb purchase if​ it​ is​ a​ foreign brand,​ if​ your projector is​ used in​ movie projectors or​ for slide show projector alone .​
3 .​
Knowing is​ Half the​ Battle
The tungsten filament is​ a​ wire that reacts to​ the​ heat that occurs when the​ lamp is​ turned on​ .​
The shape of​ the​ filament would help you ask for the​ exact model or​ projector bulbs .​
Since each model makes use of​ varieties of​ wires and places the​ wire in​ different locations on​ the​ bulb,​ it​ would be easier for you to​ break down your choices for your projector bulbs’ purchase.
4 .​
The voltage and wattage
These items determine the​ overall output of​ the​ projector bulbs .​
The projector bulb that gives out brighter light does not necessarily mean that the​ wattage is​ higher than the​ bulb that produces a​ dimmer light .​
Make sure that you are aware of​ the​ consuming voltage and wattage of​ your projector bulbs .​
All of​ the​ bulbs that are purchased for projectors are coded into three letters (e.g .​
ELH,​ DEK) .​
These letters are assigned to​ all models that have the​ same filament reactivity,​ wattage and voltage .​
Since the​ material of​ the​ glass base does not have anything to​ do with the​ codes,​ you could choose your own style and could still purchase the​ exact bulb needed .​
These codes have no connection with the​ brand of​ the​ projector bulbs .​
This is​ done because choosing the​ perfect projector bulbs is​ vital in​ the​ handling of​ the​ projector,​ the​ bulb manufacturers follow a​ coding for their costumers to​ purchase easily and avoid confusion .​
Knowing this three letter code would be an​ advantage for you and the​ assistant at​ the​ store .​
- It is​ advisable to​ purchase a​ lower-powered projector bulb
- Bulbs last up to​ 2,​000 to​ 4,​000 hours,​ depending on​ the​ usage amount of​ the​ projector
- Projector bulbs are made up of​ halogen lights

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