Save Money Stay In An Orlando Villa

Save Money Stay In An Orlando Villa

Did you know that an​ Orlando vacation rental could cost the​ same if​ not LESS than a​ hotel or​ motel but offer you SO much more?

Imagine you are going on​ holiday with friends or​ extended family and there are 10 people (for example) in​ your party. You could squeeze 4 or​ 5 at​ a​ time into a​ hotel room – 2 in​ each bed plus a​ rollaway bed ( which could be an​ extra charge). Picture it​ – all these people in​ one room,​ with one T.V. and one bathroom to​ share. There is​ no guarantee the​ rest of​ your party will be located in​ adjoining rooms.

Now imagine your own home for the​ length of​ your Orlando vacation. Your own car is​ parked on​ your very own driveway and you have a​ maximum of​ 2 people to​ a​ bedroom. Almost all bedrooms have their own private bathrooms PLUS a​ separate lounge PLUS a​ separate dining room/area PLUS your very own fully equipped kitchen where,​ if​ you wish,​ you can have breakfast before you are even dressed,​ with cool drinks/beer always on​ hand during the​ glorious hot Floridian weather. All of​ this can be yours PLUS your very own private swimming pool just for you and your guests to​ enjoy day and night.

Some homes have games rooms…

Still to​ take into consideration is​ the​ laundry facilities which all privately owned villas offer and nowadays it​ is​ fairly common (although not guaranteed) to​ find a​ games room in​ your vacation rental villa. This could include anything from a​ pool table to​ darts board; a​ treadmill to​ a​ foosball table. Sometimes these features are to​ be found in​ a​ converted garage or​ some villas even have a​ “bonus” room,​ which they use for this purpose.

Of course you will also have the​ opportunity to​ barbecue outside near your pool deck,​ so this can add another dimension to​ mealtimes. There are plenty of​ supermarkets close at​ hand to​ your villa where you can select a​ wide variety of​ ingredients to​ include in​ your barbecue.

Many of​ the​ homeowners who rent out their vacation villas in​ Orlando have gone that extra mile and provided computer access and most have some kind of​ games console for the​ children. Normally there are pool toys left out at​ your disposal and quite often there are books for all ages,​ which you are welcome to​ use. Some also have board games and/or toys.

Look at​ how the​ prices differ…

Let us look at​ the​ costs involved. Take 3 hotel rooms at​ roughly $70-$90 per room per night. This totals $1470-$1890 for a​ one week’s stay for your entire party. Compare this to​ the​ $1000-$1500 you could pay for a​ villa,​ then remember all the​ extra rooms and facilities you will have. in​ a​ villa it​ never feels crowded and everyone can have his or​ her own space.

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