Save Money On Your Purchases By Taking Advantage Of The Rebates Offered

Save Money on​ your Purchases by Taking Advantage of​ the​ Rebates Offered
Many manufacturers offer mail in​ rebates to​ encourage consumers to​ buy their product .​
The way these rebates work is​ that you have to​ pay the​ full price for the​ product when you get it .​
Then you fill out the​ rebate information and mail it​ in​ along with a​ copy of​ your receipt .​
They will then send you a​ check .​
However,​ you will be amazed at​ how many people fail to​ get around to​ sending in​ the​ information for their rebate .​
Most offers have a​ set time frame so it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ get the​ information in​ the​ mail as​ quickly as​ possible .​
They either don’t want to​ mess around with the​ process or​ the​ simply forget with so many other things taking place in​ their life .​
Since it​ can take weeks to​ get your rebate in​ the​ mail,​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ keep a​ file of​ the​ rebates you have mailed in​ .​
Always make a​ copy of​ the​ rebate information and the​ receipt before you mail it​ in​ .​
This way you have proof of​ your purchase and a​ phone number to​ contact them if​ you don’t receive the​ rebate in​ a​ timely manner .​
The amount of​ any given rebate will vary but when you consider that the​ average on​ is​ $25,​ that is​ a​ great deal of​ money that consumers aren’t taking advantage of .​
It is​ a​ good idea to​ always use them to​ your advantage .​
Otherwise you are simply throwing your money away .​
Each rebate process may be slightly different so make sure you take the​ time to​ read all the​ information that comes with it .​
You don’t want the​ frustration of​ waiting for 60 days to​ get the​ rebate only to​ get a​ letter instead that says you aren’t eligible because you failed to​ provide some piece of​ information or​ your form wasn’t completely filled out .​
It is​ also a​ good idea to​ take action when a​ rebate you send it​ is​ not honored .​
This doesn’t happen very often but it​ is​ very important that you follow up .​
If you only purchased the​ item at​ the​ price offered because of​ the​ rebate than it​ is​ even more important that you get it.
Getting your rebate should never exceed 60 days .​
If you don’t have it​ by then contact the​ company .​
Make sure you document all the​ information about when you called and who you spoke to​ .​
It is​ good to​ have a​ log of​ this information so that if​ you want to​ pursue getting the​ rebate by other means you can back up your information.
There are a​ couple good websites you can use to​ track your rebate including,​,​ and .​
If you don’t find your rebate and the​ manufacturer isn’t working with you then file a​ complaint with the​ Federal Trade Commission and the​ Better Business Bureau .​
The majority of​ company’s who offer rebates do honor them though so this really should never be an​ ongoing issue for you .​
There are plenty of​ businesses that do look forward to​ the​ unclaimed rebates though because at​ least 40% of​ them never get filed by the​ consumer.
As a​ rule of​ thumb though,​ I​ wouldn’t recommend basing your purchase on​ a​ rebate .​
If you don’t end up with the​ funds then the​ product cost you more than you were willing to​ pay for it .​
While you wait for the​ rebate process to​ be completed you will have the​ loss of​ that additional money that could be allocated for something else .​
You should also be prepared for rebates to​ ask for your personal information including your name,​ address,​ phone number,​ and e-mail address .​
This could result in​ you getting coupons and promotions that will save you more money in​ the​ future .​
However,​ they can result in​ you getting bombarded by offers by the​ manufacturer that you aren’t interested in.

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