Save Money On Holiday In Spain

Save Money On Holiday In Spain

Had a​ great holiday recently for a​ fraction of​ the​ normal price. There are plenty of​ ex pats now living in​ Spain who regularly let out their apartments and with flights being so cheap I saved a​ fortune. I found the​ apartment I stayed in,​ which was fantastic,​ at​ the​ following internet address.

The Apartment cost me just £200 per week and there was four of​ us! the​ flights from the​ UK were just £300 given the​ flew out late at​ night. So it​ was a​ holiday for 4 people costing a​ total of​ £500.
Often the​ apartments you rent are somebodies home and as​ such they are really well looked after,​ especially as​ many of​ the​ people who own them are now retired. of​ course you are expected to​ look after them and a​ small breakages deposit was required. in​ any event I got my deposit of​ £50 back straight away after the​ holiday.

We stayed in​ Benalmadena which was fantastic,​ it​ has a​ great beach,​ excellent marina and apartments themselves had a​ pool with water slides.
I can honestly say that given the​ amount spent we​ had a​ great time and to​ be honest it​ put much more expensive holidays we​ have been on​ in​ the​ past to​ shame - I won't be going back to​ a​ travel agent again!
Holiday maker on​ a​ budget

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