Save Money The Crock Pot Way

Save Money the​ Crock Pot Way
Saving money – is​ something we​ would all like to​ do .​
Whether you are struggling to​ manage day to​ day or​ earning a​ six figure salary,​ saving is​ something we​ all think about.
There is​ one thing we​ can all save on​ .​
The one thing we​ all do,​ every day,​ several times a​ day.
We all … Eat .​
And food these days can be so expensive .​
It is​ quite easy to​ go to​ the​ grocers and spend your entire weeks pay just on​ food .​
Meat especially can put a​ hole in​ anyone’s budget .​
After a​ long day at​ work,​ the​ last thing you want is​ to​ spend the​ rest of​ the​ day in​ the​ kitchen preparing dinner .​
So the​ quick option is​ often just to​ fry or​ grill up some steak .​
But this is​ expensive .​
And frying those cheaper cuts of​ meat – ugh!
You have heard the​ old saying ‘tough as​ old boots’ .​
They end up so tough,​ that even if​ you do manage to​ eat them; you will be lucky not to​ chip a​ tooth or​ dislocate a​ jaw; both of​ which cost even more.
How about if​ you could save money on​ your food bill and save hours in​ the​ kitchen at​ the​ same time?
Well the​ solution for you is​ .​
the Crock Pot.
It allows you to​ turn those cheap meat cuts into not only edible,​ but absolutely delicious meals .​
And,​ does it​ all,​ while you are at​ work.
This is​ not some new gimmicky thing you see in​ info-commercials on​ late night television .​
This is​ a​ real kitchen appliance that has been around since the​ early 1970’s.
It uses low heat and a​ slow cooking method which tenderizes the​ meat .​
Just put the​ vegetables and meat in​ the​ pot in​ the​ morning on​ the​ way to​ work and come home to​ the​ delightful aroma of​ dinner ready in​ the​ evening.
Save money - the​ cheapest meat cuts are the​ best ones to​ use,​ they are full of​ flavor and appreciate the​ long cooking time .​
Happy Crock Cooking
Lisa – the​ Crock Cook

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