Save Gas With Your Sports

Tips to​ Help You Save Gas Consumption
With the​ constant increase in​ oil prices, car owners get more concerned about how they can save gas and​ money while driving .​
This article gives you tips on how you can reduce your gas consumption and​ save money.
Always have your car tuned-up regularly .​
If you car’s engine is​ in​ bad operating condition it​ will utilize more gasoline .​
Vehicle maintenance will help your car’s engine run efficiently thus improving your expenditure of​ money .​
Clean or​ change congested air filters to​ enhance your fuel mileage by as​ much as​ 10% .​
• Maintain a​ steady rate when driving you car .​
Frequent stops when driving add to​ your gas expenditure by as​ much as​ 30% .​
Imagine if​ you spend $3.00 per gallon, you lose $9.00 for​ every 10 gallons of​ gas that you consume .​
Avoid sudden stops and​ abrupt increases in​ speed .​
Make use of​ cruise control when you are driving on the​ highway .​
This will allow you to​ maintain a​ steady speed and​ avoid additional gas consumption.
Another way to​ keep a​ steady rate is​ by avoiding heavy traffic areas .​
Also avoid unnecessary use of​ the​ clutch .​
• Schedule buying your gas during the​ cool hours .​
It is​ ideal to​ purchase your fuel early in​ the​ morning or​ during the​ night .​
You will acquire extra for​ your cash during these cooler hours .​

• Close you car windows when you are driving on the​ highway .​
When your windows are closed the​ aerodynamics are better and​ it​ lessens the​ drag on the​ vehicle .​
Gaping windows cause extra friction and​ reduce your car’s mileage .​
• Minimize the​ use of​ air conditioners when it​ is​ not necessary .​
Use your car’s vents if​ possible .​
If you really need to​ use your air conditioner, try to​ set it​ as​ low as​ possible .​
Do not operate your air conditioner with your car windows open - it​ uses more gas this way.
• Do not let your engine idle when not driving .​
Turn off you car’s engine when you need to​ wait for​ a​ time longer than a​ minute .​
If your car is​ idle for​ more that one minute, it​ uses the​ same amount of​ gas that you would use when you are restarting the​ engine .​
• Lessen your car’s load .​
The heavier the​ car, the​ more gas it​ will consume.
• Check if​ tires inflated accordingly .​
Tires with appropriate pressure save fuel better than when under-filled or​ over-filled with air.

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