Save Face Time And Money On Your Next It Project

Save Face Time And Money On Your Next It Project

Save Face,​ Time,​ and Money on​ Your Next IT Project
How many times have you been involved in​ a​ project where a​ newly-released piece of​ software required an​ immediate enhancement because the​ right people were not in​ the​ loop? This is​ an​ example of​ how poor communication costs money and damages the​ reputation of​ an​ Information Technology (IT) Team.
Well-managed communication can increase the​ rates of​ success on​ your IT projects by improving relations between you and your customers and decreasing the​ odds of​ hasty last-minute enhancements,​ thus saving face,​ saving time,​ and saving money.
Most developers are familiar with technical writers,​ who produce documentation .​
While these writers are important to​ your project,​ they do not typically handle communication .​
That requires a​ person well-versed in​ communication planning and execution: the​ communication specialist .​

A communication specialist will:
• determine your communication objectives (educate?,​ gather specifications?,​ change behavior?)
• identify the​ people who have and need information about your project,​
• identify the​ best way of​ reaching these people,​
• and build a​ list of​ key messages.
The communication can occur through many channels,​ such as​ focus groups,​ face-to-face meetings,​ status reports,​ newsletters,​ email messages,​ web sites,​ PowerPoint presentations,​ or​ phone hotlines .​
Communication can also be executed in​ less formal ways,​ such as​ establishing mail lists and selectively copying the​ appropriate people on​ relevant email.
The communication specialist brings all this together in​ a​ communication plan .​

Then the​ communication specialist will execute each communication,​ according to​ the​ established timeline .​
And of​ course,​ he or​ she will adjust the​ communication plan as​ the​ project evolves.
Well-planned and managed communication is​ crucial to​ how your organization is​ perceived and it​ will have a​ direct impact on​ your project .​
Adding a​ communication specialist to​ your next IT project will increase your odds of​ success.

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