Save Big Bucks When Shopping On The Web

Save Big Bucks When Shopping On The Web

When shopping for​ gifts, whether for​ ourselves or​ someone else, all of​ us are looking to​ save a​ few dollars. No matter what you’re shopping for, from a​ diamond engagement ring for​ popping the​ question to​ a​ scarf for​ Grandma – you will save big bucks by shopping online.

The key to​ maximizing your savings is​ knowing where to​ look to​ find the​ best bargain. and​ comparison shopping, by visiting various websites, is​ the​ only way to​ go. Instead of​ fighting the​ hustle and​ bustle that comes with comparison shopping at​ various brick-and-mortar locations, you can find better pricing options and​ cover more stores with the​ click of​ your mouse.

In the​ past, shipping and​ handling fees may have deterred you from shopping online, but retailers have started minimizing or​ waving those fees for​ customers who spend a​ certain collar amount. and​ while major retailers such as​ Wal-Mart, Best Buy and​ Macy’s have online websites, you may be able to​ stretch your dollar further by shopping with other established, smaller E-tailers.

Here are some examples of​ price comparisons between different websites and​ traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

Tool Time

If you’re shopping for​ the​ handyman or​ woman in​ the​ family, finding the​ right gift can be rather tricky. Because they are sure to​ already have their own favorite tools, and​ even many of​ the​ latest gadgets that can simplify their work, you may be thinking that a​ gift certificate to​ Home Depot, Lowe’s or​ a​ local hardware store is​ the​ best way to​ go.

But before you decide to​ do that, consider buying a​ gift that the​ tool guru may find useful, but would not consider buying for​ themselves. the​ Black and​ Decker Storm Station is​ the​ perfect emergency prep tool for​ when the​ power goes out. Currently, Home Depot listed a​ price of​ $99.97. But lists a​ price of​ $74.88. Here, you will save more than $25 by ordering online instead of​ going to​ a​ traditional retailer.

On Bended Knee

If you’re thinking of​ popping the​ question, consider this: if​ she says yes, the​ cost of​ a​ wedding can range from $10,000 to​ $50,000 and​ beyond. Why not get your marriage off to​ the​ right start by saving money on your diamond engagement ring?

By ordering online, you can literally save hundreds of​ dollars. a​ half-carat princess cut three-stone diamond purchased at​ a​ brick-and-mortar retailer in​ a​ mid-sized metro area can cost around $2,250. But if​ you order a​ similar ring from Blue Nile, an​ online jewelry retailer, you can save a​ little money – their cost is​ closer to​ $2,200.

But your diamond engagement ring purchase, the​ ultimate in​ romantic gift ideas for​ her, is​ a​ perfect example of​ how finding the​ bargain E-tailer can add up to​ big savings. at​, an​ online jewelry retailer specializing in​ diamond jewelry, a​ similar ring costs around $1,600 – a​ savings of​ $600! That’s enough money for​ a​ down payment on a​ honeymoon to​ Costa Rica.

Trendy Fendi

Handbags are big business, and​ there are few women who will show displeasure with the​ gift of​ a​ high-end designer handbag. Shopping online, you can find Coach, Gucci, Dooney & Burke, Prada and​ Fendi handbags. and​ while there are knock-off imitations you can purchase for​ significantly less money, if​ you do your homework by taking the​ time to​ do research on the​ web, you can save money and​ still get the​ real thing.

If you went the​ usual route and​ visited Neiman Marcus to​ purchase a​ designer handbag for​ your fashionista, the​ Fendi Canvas Du’Jour handbag would cost you $1,400. However, if​ you visited, a​ popular online discount retail site, you would find the​ same bag for​ $1029.99 – a​ savings of​ more than $350.

If you wanted to​ save even more money, you could sign her up for​ an​ account at​ and​ give a​ gift certificate to​ the​ site instead of​ a​ handbag. This company is​ the​ Netflix of​ handbags, and​ recipients borrow or​ “rent” designer handbags for​ one week to​ one month at​ a​ time, paying a​ fee ranging, on average, between $30 and​ $300. This way, instead of​ owning one designer handbag that will eventually no longer be in​ style, she can periodically upgrade her designer look by changing designer purses as​ often as​ needed.

Diamonds for​ the​ Heart

So you’re not going to​ pop the​ question. But keep in​ mind that jewelry of​ any kind is​ sure to​ make her smile. There are hundreds of​ romantic gift ideas that include jewelry, but a​ diamond heart pendant is​ a​ classic gift that she will always treasure.

Once again, the​ E-tailers come out ahead on price when looking for​ a​ quality diamond heart necklace. at​ Zales, a​ well-known brick-and-mortar jewelry chain, you will pay about $700 for​ the​ necklace. at​ Blue Nile, you will pay significantly less at​ $600. But if​ you are looking to​ save even more money, you can do it​ at​, where you’ll find a​ comparable diamond heart pendant for​ $560. This ever-popular jewelry piece, a​ product available at​ most jewelry retailers, demonstrates that taking the​ time to​ find the​ best bargains online is​ certainly worth the​ time.

As you can see, saving money by shopping online keeps a​ lot of​ your dollars in​ your pocket. But, you must comparison shop to​ find the​ quality discount E-tailers that will give you the​ best value for​ you money. Happy shopping!

Save Big Bucks When Shopping On The Web

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