Satellite Tv More Channels Than Cable And Less Expensive Too

Satellite Tv More Channels Than Cable And Less Expensive Too

Satellite TV: More Channels Than Cable and​ Less Expensive, Too!
Many people have satellite TV and​ there’s a​ very good reason for​ it: you get almost unlimited channels and​ it’s a​ price that most anyone can afford .​
When you compare satellite TV to​ its cable counterpart, you will automatically notice a​ difference in​ the​ amount of​ channels you get to​ choose from .​
With a​ cable package, you get to​ choose from different packages, and​ you have to​ pay more for​ premium channels, such as​ HBO or​ Cinemax.
More Channels Than You Can Handle
With satellite TV, you get all the​ channels in​ one package .​
That’s because the​ satellite dish that you have installed on or​ near your home is​ able to​ pick up many channels that your cable TV provider can’t offer you.
Free Installation With Some Carriers!
The best part about satellite TV is​ that most carriers will offer free installation .​
You simply pay a​ small monthly fee, such as​ ten dollars a​ month, and​ you get a​ technician to​ come out to​ your house to​ install your satellite dish .​
You can have all those channels at​ your fingertips in​ the​ same day as​ you pick up the​ phone and​ call the​ satellite TV carrier of​ your choice.
A Few Drawbacks
There are some drawbacks to​ satellite TV that should be noted before a​ person commits to​ a​ contract .​
For one, satellite, unlike cable, can be affected by the​ weather .​
If the​ conditions are hostile, such as​ a​ bad thunderstorm, your satellite TV may not work as​ well or​ the​ picture won’t come in​ as​ clear.
Another drawback is​ that you may have to​ adjust your dish, depending on which channels you want .​
Most satellite TV carriers offer a​ remote that allows you to​ change the​ position of​ your dish, but many see this as​ a​ hassle .​
With cable, you simply choose a​ channel and​ you don’t have to​ worry that your cable box is​ pointed a​ certain way.
Satellite TV owners obviously don’t mind the​ drawbacks, as​ they are quite minute, and​ there are many satellite TV owners today .​
So, if​ you’re looking for​ an​ almost unlimited choice of​ channels at​ a​ price you can easily afford, call your local satellite TV provider today .​
a​ technician will soon visit your house and, in​ minutes, you’ll be able to​ surf the​ many channels that you wouldn’t be able to​ see if​ you had chosen cable TV.

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