San Jose Schools Alternative Education Program Saves Troubled Students

San Jose Schools Alternative Education Program Saves Troubled Students

A Different Kind of​ Education

San Jose Schools face the same problem that all school districts around the country face, losing at​ risk students. The San Jose School District has found a​ solution to​ this problem while still including these students as​ a​ part of​ the traditional school population. San Jose Schools alternative school program allows for individual attention to​ the students’ needs while having them participate in​ activities at​ the regular campuses.

For some students the traditional school format doesn’t work. Students can become apathetic and risk not graduating. in​ the San Jose School District’s alternative education program students can play sports, participate in​ extracurricular activities and be included in​ the graduation ceremonies of​ a​ regular school. at​ risk students can have English language proficiency issues, difficulty in​ motivation, simply moving to​ a​ new school or​ many other seemingly small but crucial reasons. San Jose Schools are successfully meeting the needs of​ these students.

Helping Students to​ Learn

The alternative education program of​ San Jose School District could become a​ model for the rest of​ the country. Classes in​ these programs tend to​ be much smaller and focus on the needs of​ the individual student. The San Jose School District has approximately thirty-two thousand students, so has to​ find a​ way to​ manage the needs of​ all thee students while dealing with the concerns of​ budget and resource allocation.

San Jose Unified School District has created smaller alternative specialty campuses inside six of​ its high schools. Each of​ these campuses has about fifty students being instructed by two teachers and an​ on-site counselor. The students involved in​ the program are generally juniors or​ seniors who are in​ peril of​ actually graduating from high school. The aim of​ the program is​ to​ help these students catch up in​ the academic credits needed to​ graduate. The students spend about half the day in​ intensive classes and the rest of​ the day taking classes at​ a​ community college or​ a​ vocational training facility.

The principal of​ San Jose School District’s alternative program, Linda Ferdig-Riley, uses information provided by the high schools to​ choose the students who are in​ need of​ assistance and will be included in​ the program. The program provides a​ distinctive and exclusive curriculum for each student. These specialized plans include monthly reporting of​ grades, personalized counseling sessions, and career guidance that is​ specifically designed of​ the different students.

How San Jose School District’s Alternative Program Compares

This program appears to​ be working; San Jose School District has around a​ seven percent dropout rate as​ compared to​ the California state average which is​ double that rate. The amount of​ students in​ the program is​ smaller than that in​ other district yet the results seem to​ be better. The number of​ students considered for the program is​ far more than the number of​ available spaces.

Other alternative educational programs in​ the state keep the students from actively feeling that they are a​ part of​ the school population. San Jose School District’s alternative program relieves the fears that could keep students from taking advantage of​ this opportunity. This program allows students to​ attend school functions at​ their old high school which helps to​ keep them as​ a​ part of​ the school population and alleviates the stresses the students feel when changing to​ the alternate campus. When trying to​ keep students in​ school these types of​ pressures might be key in​ keeping them in​ school.

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