San Antonio Schools Celebrate Successes And Create New Programs To
Further Achievement

San Antonio Schools Celebrate Successes And Create New Programs To Further Achievement

San Antonio Schools Creates Program to​ Prepare Freshman for​ Future Success

Beginning this school year, Ninth grade students in​ San Antonio Schools will have more resources in​ helping them gain success in​ academic studies, college, and​ future careers. in​ addition to​ their regular classes ninth grade students will be required to​ take Freshman Prep class. San Antonio Schools’ Freshman Prep class helps students create a​ plan for​ the​ next four years and​ their future. the​ Freshman Prep class is​ intended to​ have students be prepared for​ college upon graduating from high school. the​ Freshman Prep class follows guidelines set by San Antonio Schools and​ the​ Texas High School Project District Initiative. Students will be expected to​ create and​ follow a​ standardized plan that features four core subjects each year and​ construct supplementary areas of​ interest or​ conduits from which students can select. the​ San Antonio Schools’ Freshman Prep class includes instruction on note-taking, time management and​ teaches how to​ develop good study habits that students can use throughout their high school and​ college studies. the​ main goals that San Antonio Schools have for​ the​ program are: to​ increase the​ number of​ students who complete 9th grade, provide a​ more rigorous and​ balanced four year high school graduation, ensure that all graduates are college ready, offer students opportunities for​ individualized guidance from their counselors, encourage increased parental involvement, and​ aid 12th-graders obtain career-related scholarships. After the​ ninth grade the​ Freshman Prep class becomes the​ Career Pathways program that gives students guidance to​ graduation, college and​ careers.

San Antonio Schools Celebrate a​ Decade of​ Science and​ Mathematics Reform

San Antonio Schools’ San Antonio Urban Systemic Program is​ the​ main organization the​ has engaged in​ systemic reform within San Antonio Schools that has helped thousands of​ students achieve higher science and​ math scores. San Antonio Schools will recognize teachers that have worked in​ the​ San Antonio Urban Systemic Program. the​ San Antonio School districts included in​ the​ program are Alamo Heights, East Central, Edgewood, Harlandale, Judson, North East, Northside, San Antonio, and​ South San Antonio. Other participants in​ the​ San Antonio Urban Systemic Program are the​ University of​ Texas at​ San Antonio and​ the​ City of​ San Antonio.

San Antonio Urban Systemic Program has worked with the​ National Science Foundation to​ create more engaging and​ better quality student instruction over the​ last ten years. the​ San Antonio Urban Systemic Program has increased the​ use of​ math and​ science across the​ curriculum by improving students’ access to​ math and​ science resources, having better integration of​ technology, and​ professional development that gives the​ teachers the​ skills they need in​ order to​ bring science and​ mathematics into all classroom environments.

San Antonio Urban Systemic Program’s goal for​ the​ San Antonio Schools to​ improve student achievement in​ mathematics, science, and​ the​ integration of​ instructional technology has succeeded. When San Antonio Schools’ students are compared to​ students in​ Texas, they score higher. the​ National Science Foundation has assisted the​ San Antonio Urban Systemic Program, not only, with financial funding but with and​ mathematics materials, teacher training, and​ technical assistance from mentor teachers and​ campus coaches. the​ San Antonio Urban Systemic Program has created a​ demanding curriculum using real-world applications of​ math and​ science that involves hands-on explorations.

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