Samsung U700 Martins Quick Review

Samsung U700 - Martin's Quick Review
More Than Meets The Eye
At first glance, you could be fooled into thinking that the Samsung U700, also known as​ the Samsung Ultra 12.1, is​ just another fashion phone which is​ big on glitz and sparing with functionality .​
But you’d be wrong, because the slender, glossy slider phone from Samsung has excellent functions which will satisfy users long after the shiny surface gets scratched .​
Excellent build quality supplements the sleek lines of​ the Samsung U700 .​
The sliding mechanism is​ sprung, meaning you need only to​ push the phone halfway before it​ opens itself completely .​
The most noticeable feature of​ the closed phone is​ the circular navigation button .​
Four directions and a​ central confirmation button lend simplicity to​ browsing your phone book, messages or​ web sites .​
Samsung has also incorporated touch sensitive keys beneath the U700’s display, which react to​ gentle pressure from the fingers .​
These buttons are automatically locked during calls .​
Opening up the phone reveals a​ standard keypad, whose 12 keys are plastic-covered and back lit .​
Although the keys are not fully separated, they are large enough to​ use easily .​
The Samsung U700 sports a​ 262K colour display, with QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) resolution .​
Unfortunately the vibrant colours and brightness levels are lost in​ twilight, artificial light or​ on cloudy days because the phone’s front plate is​ so glossy .​
You will be able to​ configure your own display, and the user-friendly menu system is​ similar to​ older editions of​ the phone.
Other notable features of​ the Samsung U700 are its 3.2 megapixel main camera with autofocus and macro mode .​
Images are sharp with little noise, and results are good even in​ low light .​
Whilst the phone allows video recording, the format is​ out-dated (QCIF) and low resolution .​
The phone also has a​ second camera which is​ used for video-conferencing .​
Storage is​ on microSD memory cards, so there is​ plenty of​ space for your photos, videos and your music .​
The in-built music player is​ reliable and can store your music by album or​ by artist .​
Music can be downloaded using a​ memory card reader, or​ through direct connection with your PC .​
a​ downside of​ the entertainment component of​ the phone is​ the absence of​ a​ universal headphone jack and FM radio .​
Much credit is​ due to​ Samsung for the U700’s incredible download speed over UMTS + HSDPA: up to​ 3.6 Mbits/second .​
If your provider doesn’t support HSDPA, the phone is​ also speedy on GPRS too .​
You will notice the phone synchronizes seamlessly with Outlook and Outlook Express, meaning that out-of-office checking of​ your email is​ hassle-free .​
The phone uses NetFront 3.4 for internet browsing, and is​ able to​ resize complicated websites for better display on smaller screens .​
An RSS reader also comes standard with the web browser .​
The Samsung U700’s glossy exterior (which may become easily smudged or​ scratched) belies a​ feature-packed, super-functional interior .​
Despite a​ few small oversights, this phone should satisfy even the choosiest of​ customers who look for a​ phone that satisfies the criteria of​ both form and function.

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