Samsung Ln T5281f Review

Samsung Ln T5281f Review

Samsung LN-T5281F review
Although $4500 may seem like a​ lot of​ money to​ spend on a​ HDTV, the amazing features that enhance the quality of​ this TV might justify the amount of​ money you are about to​ spend .​
During the video tests, this product managed to​ impress with its minimal pixelation in​ the background scenes .​
When it​ comes to​ high definition videos, the Samsung LN-T5281F managed to​ have an​ excellent score .​
Skin tone is​ amazing, and physical features make everything look so realistic; however, it​ doesn’t manage to​ bring such natural skin colors like the Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR or​ the Vizio FV52LF do, but it​ managed to​ get a​ good score for natural looking skin colors .​
The brightness and contrast levels are ok, nothing is​ wrong, and our Samsung managed to​ score above average .​
Details are really good, especially in​ the dark areas, even if​ you watch a​ movie with a​ poor quality .​
However, when switching on standard definition, like a​ football or​ baseball game, everything gets pixilated and has subpar color .​
Another good advantage when testing this TV was backlighting, which made sure that the HDTV shows deeper and better quality blacks than the ones brought by a​ fluorescent backlight .​
You can test this by using the option in​ the on-screen menu which lets you set something on only half of​ the screen; you will surely notice the big difference between default settings and your current settings .​
However, make sure that you turn on the feature because its default setting is​ off.
There are various presets for you to​ choose from, like Dynamic or​ Movie mode; the DNIe setting, which means Digital Natural Image engine, reduces the background noise and makes images more detailed with its contrast enhancement .​
You will also find options like White Balance (with RGB settings for color temperature) and My Color Control with settings for each of​ the colors pink, blue, white, and green.
The audio quality is​ good but, unfortunately, not excellent .​
You cannot hear the lows very clear when comparing Samsung LN T5281F with Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD .​
It proved to​ be very disappointing because the sound is​ not as​ rich and full like the one brought by Pioneer Kuro PHP-5010FD .​
There are various inputs that you get: three HDMI, two composite and two sets of​ component .​
The USB port ensures that you can watch pictures or​ listen to​ music on your HDTV .​
When analyzing the remote, most buttons are black; only few have back light and some of​ them are colored .​
The remote is​ black and has a​ wonderful and stylish design .​
Compared to​ other remotes, this one has smaller buttons but they have a​ well organized structure making any surfing smooth .​
The Samsung LN-T5281F is​ incredibly similar to​ their T5265F model, but it​ is​ missing a​ key feature that is​ present in​ most HDTV’s and that is​ the ability to​ operate in​ 120Hz .​
However, this newer model also sports features missing in​ the 65F models .​
One of​ those features is​ the local dimming capability .​
Using the dim option, Samsung hopes to​ recreate the CRT so that you can have great performance from this gadget, and while its good, its not as​ great as​ what the CRT could offer.
The HDTV’s design is​ elegant and glossy with a​ narrow bezel, but not the thinnest available bezel .​
It also has a​ blue LED indicator for power which has the shape of​ an​ arc .​
Another great feature known as​ the LED Motion Plus, will allow you to​ reduce the lag on your screen .​
It does work well but if​ you’re not careful, you will eventually be left with dull shades of​ color on your screen.
If you are looking for a​ good performance TV, this is​ one of​ the best products; however, the price may be too high for the average buyers, so this product may not have many fans a​ first .​
However, if​ you wish for something with a​ lower price and good performance the Samsung FP-T5084 might be the best solution for you .​

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