Samsung Ln T4061 Review

Samsung LN-T4061 review
The Samsung LN-T4061 looks very much like the HP-T4264, after all they both came from the same manufacturer .​
But they don’t seem to​ have only the manufacturer in​ common because their features and technology are almost identical .​
On the tests, both HDTVs managed to​ get almost the same marks.
Although the Samsung LN-T4061 is​ smaller than the HP-T4264, they are both the same when it​ comes to​ menu, design, remotes, etc .​
Another difference between those two would be the fact that Samsung LN supports 1080p and has an​ LCD panel, while the other uses a​ plasma screen .​
This product is​ a​ bit above average compared to​ other products in​ its category .​
During the tests it​ managed to​ get a​ satisfactory score but it’s far from being on the first places .​
Everything looked good but it​ had some problems during the standard-definition test on DVD and TV shows .​
The high-definition test, however, ran very smoothly and this product obtained a​ better mark .​
There were minor problems with the skin tones in​ 1080p but other than that everything was good .​
When it​ comes to​ physically setting up this product, you won’t have any difficulties because everything is​ accessible .​
The connectors are found on the LN-T4061’s back so you won’t have any problems finding them .​
Even if​ you don’t have any knowledge in​ technology you will eventually manage to​ set up the TV .​
This is​ a​ pretty good advantage since you need hours to​ set up most of​ the HDTVs on the market because you can’t figure out where everything is .​
The menu is​ not complicated, having a​ well organized structure .​
Also, every option is​ easily found and if​ you wish, you can make the menu opaque to​ see everything better .​
While you select the sources, it​ will automatically skip any source that cannot be found, this might prove a​ little tricky because if​ you have something and it​ doesn’t find it, you must select it​ from the provided list .​
There isn’t any option that lets you introduce your own source, if​ you cannot find it​ in​ the list.
You also have the freeze option and picture-in-picture if​ you want to​ see something from two sources; however, you aren’t allowed to​ watch from different channels .​
The USB port lets you see the pictures from your camera on the TV; you also have a​ jack for headphones .​
Using these options you can also connect a​ portable music player such as​ an​ iPod to​ listen to​ tunes as​ you fiddle with the Samsungs controls.
The remote isn’t the most comfortable and intuitive thing in​ the world .​
It’s rather long and not all the buttons have light; however, it​ can be programmed .​
Unfortunately, some of​ the smaller buttons may be a​ turn off for some consumers who may be visually impaired .​
The sound is​ good, considering the fact that it​ comes from an​ internal system so this TV won’t have problems regarding its sound.
This is​ one of​ the average quality HDTVs, although images look good on it, sometimes you have the feeling that something is​ missing .​
The skin tones aren’t very real, as​ it​ tends to​ lighten them .​
Overall this is​ a​ good HDTV for someone who isn’t very pretentious because overall this will prove to​ be a​ good LCD TV that will bring satisfaction to​ most of​ its buyers .​

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