Samsung Hp Review

Samsung Hp Review

Samsung HP-T4264 review
Although this is​ not the best quality HDTV, when comparing the price and the performance with other HDTVs it​ proves to​ be a​ very good choice for the average buyer .​
Other products in​ its category have a​ higher price and setting them up might be difficult .​
With its excellent quality and easy to​ set up structure, this product managed to​ be one of​ the favorites .​
Although this product has some problems with color rendering, any other features work very fine and the picture quality is​ not bad .​
But for only $1400 this great product is​ one of​ the most affordable HDTVs on the market .​
You won’t have problems setting up this TV because everything can be found in​ the back .​
Everything points outward making things easier to​ install; other HDTVs create problems when installing them because most of​ their inputs are facing down and that creates a​ difficult access .​
Other extra options you get are: headphone jack and USB port for pictures and music from external devices, another S-Video port, and one extra HDMI connector.

These are a​ lot of​ options for a​ TV this cheap, that’s why it’s one of​ our favorites .​
You even get some access inputs on the side of​ the TV, so things won’t get complicated when you want to​ plug in​ something else .​
Easy set up system is​ a​ good advantage when it​ comes to​ HDTVs because most people don’t have technical knowledge and may spend a​ few hours figuring out where most of​ the connectors are .​
The menu set up is​ also easy and smooth .​
If you can’t read things from the menu, you have an​ opacity option to​ make text more visible .​
When searching for sources, the Samsung HP will automatically skip the ones you don’t have; but you can rename your own with the select option .​
You have a​ picture-in-picture option; however it​ doesn’t allow you to​ watch two things at​ the same time because the HDTV has one tuner .​
Unfortunately many of​ the HDTVs today don’t have options which allow watching two programs at​ once .​
The designers may leave out the extra tuner because they assume that most people will be using a​ DVR or​ similar recorder, making an​ additional tuner unnecessary .​
However, this assumption will give a​ lack of​ options to​ those without these recording boxes.
Most HDTVs out there on the market have a​ native 720p resolution for their plasma screens; three of​ them can handle a​ 1080p signal- they convert the signal downwards and display it​ at​ its best quality they can handle .​
However, the Samsung-HPT4264, cannot manage the signal but this isn’t such a​ problem because you can set any Blu-ray or​ HD DVD player instead .​
If you choose to​ set the Blu-ray or​ HD DVD you should choose the lower resolution for the best quality .​
Because of​ this, this product obtained a​ lower score overall .​
The remote control is​ a​ little uncomfortable but it​ can be programmed and the light up function for buttons .​
If you have problems with your grip or​ pain in​ your wrists, you may need to​ buy a​ universal remote so that you can put aside the official remote.
Overall, the Samsung HPT4264 is​ unique in​ that its price is​ cheaper than most but it​ still manages to​ give you plenty of​ options and great quality usually seen in​ TV’s that cost a​ lot more than this one .​
The biggest issue with the Samsung HDTV is​ the picture and viewing quality .​
While its not the worst, there are many other big screen TV’s that offer a​ clearer screen and better views.
With a​ good score in​ image category this product managed to​ situate itself in​ the first categories .​
Considering its price, it​ is​ a​ good option if​ you want something cheap with a​ good image quality for your home .​
Although more expensive products would have better performances, this one has an​ amazing price for its quality and will make any buyer satisfied .​

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