Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Casinos

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Casinos

The Caribbean conjures up images of​ beautiful islands,​ with perfect white sandy beaches,​ swaying palm trees and the​ deep blue ocean glittering under an​ endlessly sunny sky. And Saint Vincent and the​ Grenadines,​ a​ former British colony that since 1979 has enjoyed its independence,​ does not disappoint. Yet when the​ sun finally sets,​ Saint Vincent and the​ Grenadines Casinos offer the​ gambling visitor a​ way of​ continuing the​ party into the​ small hours of​ the​ morning.

There are two Saint Vincent and the​ Grenadines Casinos,​ one in​ the​ capital Kingstown,​ which is​ found on​ the​ largest island,​ Saint Vincent,​ and the​ other at​ Carenage Bay,​ which is​ located on​ a​ small island called Canouan,​ which is​ part of​ the​ group of​ islands known as​ the​ Grenadines.

First let's pay a​ visit to​ the​ capital Kingstown,​ the​ chief port and largest city,​ albeit a​ capital city with just 15,​000 inhabitants. Here gamblers will find the​ country's largest casino,​ the​ Emerald Valley Resort and Casino,​ located in​ Penniston Valley. the​ casino offers 50 slot machines and eight table games,​ including three tables of​ Blackjack,​ two tables of​ Carribean Stud Poker (and if​ you can't play Carribean Stud Poker in​ the​ Carribean,​ where you can you play it?),​ three tables of​ Roulette,​ and finally the​ dice-based game,​ Craps. to​ spend their winnings (or help forget the​ losses) visitors will find the​ resort has an​ American restaurant,​ a​ DJ Bar,​ and a​ whole range of​ sports facilities including a​ nine hole golf course,​ swimming,​ tennis,​ horse riding facilities and a​ 24 room hotel.

The second casino on​ Saint Vincent and the​ Grenadines is​ in​ Carenage Bay,​ on​ the​ island of​ Canouan,​ and is​ part of​ the​ Raffles Resort hotel. This luxurious establishment enjoys 300 acres of​ private grounds and its own white sandy beaches,​ with accommodation consisting of​ 156 villas for the​ guests. the​ casino is​ located in​ the​ Villa Monte Carlo,​ which in​ addition offers a​ gourmet restaurant and a​ ballroom. US entrepreneur Donald Trump manages the​ casino,​ based in​ the​ Trump Club Privee,​ and it​ offers six tables playing Blackjack,​ Roulette and Craps,​ all in​ European-style gaming experience.

So whether in​ Kingstown or​ Canouan,​ Saint Vincent and the​ Grenadines Casinos offer a​ great choice for those who like to​ try to​ beat the​ odds in​ luxurious and beautiful surroundings.

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