Safe Sex Education Needed In The Worlds Most Sexually Active Countries

Safe Sex Education Needed In The Worlds Most Sexually Active Countries

A 2018 research project conducted by condom manufacturer Durex has found that Austrian men are the most promiscuous in​ the world. With this interesting revelation, many officials are now asking whether there are already appropriate safe sex measures in​ the country for men to​ engage in​ sexual activity with appropriate protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

The study conducted in​ the year found that out of​ the 26,000 people from all across 26 countries globally, Austrian men stood out as​ having the most open and admitted sexual activity with multiple partners. On the average, each of​ the respondents from Austria has about 29 sexual partners over the course of​ their lifetime. The study did not cover whether safe sex practices are already is​ use.

Among other countries, Durex said its research found that people from New Zealand are also among the most promiscuous. Kiwis on the average have about 20 sexual partners each over the course of​ their lifetimes. Comparatively, global averages for sex partners in​ both genders stand at​ just 7. Many conservative societies assert that the result of​ the study suggests that more people are embracing the act of​ sex as​ a​ normal physical activity that can now be done casually with just about anyone. That assertion of​ course comes with warnings about the value of​ practicing safe sex.

What is​ safe sex? The topic is​ very common nowadays. in​ the past, safe sex was exclusively concerned with unwanted and accidental pregnancies. Safe sex also has been discussed as​ the effective answer to​ ballooning population, which has been identified as​ a​ factor that hinders economic development that leads almost always to​ poverty among poorer countries.

Now, safe sex is​ the answer to​ more problems. The rising volume of​ cases of​ contraction of​ sexually transmitted diseases has led to​ the advocacy to​ safe sex. Because acquired immune deficiency is​ a​ much dreaded and deadly ailment transmitted through sexual intercourse, safe sex has been promoted to​ prevent the spread of​ the disease. Because sex is​ an​ act that is​ hard to​ avoid and neglect, experts advise people to​ simply be educated on the subject of​ safe sex before engaging in​ sexual activity.

The figures obtained in​ the study by Durex can be used by condom manufacturers and safe sex advocates to​ identify the areas around the globe where a​ more aggressive marketing effort towards safe sex campaigns is​ needed. Durex said it​ would use the data it​ obtained to​ identify and determine pressures and inhibitions encountered by partners and nationalities. That way, the proper design, packaging and type of​ condoms for use, for example in​ New Zealand and in​ Austria, would be specifically and especially allotted and designated to​ further popularize safe sex practices.

Experts, however, warn that the data obtained over promiscuity of​ men and women should be used productively and appropriately and should not be seen as​ judgmental towards the identified nationalities. Safe sex should be practiced by everyone regardless of​ nationalities.

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