Rx For Saving Money On Prescription Drugs

Rx For Saving Money On Prescription Drugs

Rx For Saving Money On Prescription ​Drug​s
There are times when many Americans need a​ cure for the​ alltoocommon high cost of​ prescription ​Drug​s .​

The problem is​ that the​ cost of​ prescription ​Drug​s continues to​ rise in​ the​ U.S .​

Some patients must choose between food and​ medicine; others are forced to​ import ​Drug​s .​

Patients can save money on​ their prescription medications with these easy tips
• Switch from your brandname,​ expensive prescription ​Drug​s to​ lowcost alternatives .​

Both generic and​ namebrand medications must be manufactured to​ meet the​ same strict FDA requirements .​

Generics are timetested to​ be safe and​ effective .​

Some new brands have not been marketed long enough to​ pass the​ test of​ time .​

• Dont be misled by free ​Drug​ samples at​ ​ the​ doctors office .​

Samples are a​ form of​ marketing .​

Often,​ youre in​ for an​ expensive surprise when the​ sample runs out and​ you go to​ fill the​ prescription .​

Get the​ real price of​ your ​Drug​ sample and​ see if​ ​ there is​ a​ more reasonably priced option at​ ​ www.USGenericsOnline.com.
Consumers spend more than they have to​ on​ their prescriptions .​

Know your options,​ like generic equivalents,​ and​ you can save a​ lot of​ money,​ said licensed pharmacist Mel Solochek,​ cofounder of​ USGenerics .​

The company provides information on​ ​Drug​s that treat most major medical conditions including diabetes,​ arthritis and​ high blood pressure.

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