Rubber Cancer Bracelets The Humble Tool That Raised Millions

Rubber Cancer Bracelets The Humble Tool That Raised Millions

Cancer is​ the​ second largest cause of​ death in​ America. Thousands die every year from the​ disease, yet no really effective cure has been found for​ it. Rubber cancer bracelets have contributed heavily to​ the​ cause of​ cancer research; millions from their sale have poured into the​ research labs where scientists are grappling with the​ disease.

It was the​ Lance Armstrong foundation that came up with the​ novel idea of​ selling rubber bracelets to​ support cancer research. These bracelets are called LiveStrong bracelets and​ are yellow in​ color. This foundation has now sold more than 52 million rubber cancer bracelets. Lance Armstrong, the​ inspiration behind this drive, is​ a​ cancer survivor and​ also a​ seven-time Tour de France champion. He wanted these bracelets to​ be a​ beacon of​ hope for​ the​ millions who were suffering from cancer.

Rubber cancer bracelets in​ pink color are worn in​ support of​ breast cancer patients. They are also widely popular today and​ often carry a​ variety of​ inspirational messages such as​ ‘I will’ or​ ‘Love Hope Faith.’ Whether you are a​ cancer survivor or​ just want to​ support the​ cause of​ cancer research, you can wear one of​ these bracelets.

The rubber bracelets are usually made of​ synthetic rubber or​ silicon gel. They are also popular gift items and​ keepsakes. You can also personalize your rubber cancer bracelets by adding embellishments to​ them. There are also variations to​ these cancer bracelets that come in​ different materials and​ are accessorized using pearls or​ other semiprecious stones. Most often, the​ full proceeds from the​ sale of​ these bracelets go to​ the​ cancer foundations.

The rubber cancer bracelets not only provide financial support for​ cancer research, but are also a​ means for​ providing the​ mental support that the​ cancer victim needs. in​ many cases, close friends and​ family of​ the​ cancer patient sport these bracelets as​ a​ means for​ showing their moral and​ mental support. Many online discussion boards that provide those suffering from cancer a​ platform to​ share their experiences and​ to​ meet others in​ similar situations are supported by the​ sale of​ these rubber cancer bracelets. the​ rubber cancer bracelets drive for​ cancer research support has now spread worldwide.

Though the​ yellow live strong bracelets and​ the​ pink cancer bracelets are the​ most popular, rubber cancer bracelets in​ different colors supporting different causes are also available. However, it​ is​ difficult to​ color code these bracelets as​ various foundations promote different colors for​ the​ same cause.

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