Rss Provides Multiple Opportunities To Share Your Information

Rss Provides Multiple Opportunities To Share Your Information

RSS content syndication is​ a​ relatively new member of​ the internet marketing family of​ campaign options. And, it​ seems as​ though new uses for RSS content are coming about very quickly. This is​ possibly due to​ recent changes in​ the way that major search engines like Yahoo! and Google want web site owners to​ advertise.

It seems like it​ shouldn’t matter to​ the search engines – the way you choose to​ market your website. But, it​ does when your link popularity begins to​ fall due to​ too many links on irrelevant web directories, etc. With RSS content syndication, you will not face that problem. And the better your content, the better the chances of​ increasing your standing with the search engines (not to​ mention your site visitors).

RSS feeds are no longer just appearing on the large news sites in​ order to​ show the latest headlines. They are appearing on internet-enabled cell phones, PDA and other mobile devices. The reason this is​ possible is​ the simple XML format used to​ produce the RSS feed. By using RSS syndication to​ spread the word about your site, you are now using one of​ the best advertising methods for reaching the “non-traditional” web browsers installed on these mobile devices.

Anyone familiar with web directory will understand the approach recommended for RSS syndication that I will term “many doors.” The many doors approach means that you are providing several different headlines for the SAME article! if​ you have done directory submissions, or​ worked with a​ directory submission service this is​ what you provided for anchor text and site descriptions.

So, you can see that while some level of​ time investment will be required… you will no longer need to​ generate huge numbers of​ SEO content in​ order to​ “trick” the search engines. as​ a​ matter of​ fact, you will probably want to​ concentrate your efforts on providing a​ few high-quality relevant articles that will gain and keep the attention of​ your site visitors.

You will need to​ generate content an​ update your website frequently if​ you want your RSS content syndication technique to​ be an​ effective form of​ marketing. Why?

The answer is​ simple, but often overlooked by those publishing RSS content for syndication. When site visitors become accustomed to​ looking at​ an​ RSS feed for teasers about new information they can use, and they notice that there have not been any new additions for a​ while they stop looking. if​ you decide that RSS content syndication is​ a​ good marketing tool for your site, understand that you are committing a​ small amount of​ time in​ order to​ draw and keep your web site traffic.

How often will I need to​ update? That is​ a​ question frequently asked by those new to​ the world of​ RSS marketing. it​ really depends on a​ few things. if​ you are publishing content about developments in​ the stock market, your readers may expect hourly updates. However, if​ you are publishing content on the week’s hottest new movies you could probably publish once a​ week and keep your readers happy. of​ course, if​ you are syndicating RSS content about new books written on the topic of​ antique shoe stretches you may only need to​ publish content annually. This also points out another thought to​ consider.

If your content is​ so specific that it​ applies only to​ a​ limited group of​ people, then either RSS content syndication is​ not the right marketing technique for your web site or​ you need to​ expand your content offerings. if​ you find your website traffic lacking, why not try expanding your content to​ include a​ broader audience?

When you publish content on your website that you want your visitors to​ see, but you also want to​ make that same content available to​ others interested in​ the same subject area, RSS feed services provide a​ great and inexpensive way to​ expand your readership!

There are actually new search engines (Example, Feedster) that are in​ place with the purpose of​ allowing people to​ search for syndicated content that can be placed on their RSS feeds in​ order to​ provide a​ service to​ their web site visitors. Because there is​ such a​ service, there must be a​ need for this type of​ content! Therefore, listing your syndicated content with sites like Feedster will enable other web site owners seeking your information to​ find it.

Here is​ a​ short overview of​ what you need to​ do in​ order to​ get your content out there for RSS syndication:

First, you will need to​ compile a​ list of​ the content articles provided on your website with their headlines, URL and description. From this list, you will need to​ create a​ simple XML file (RSS format).

Second, you submit the XML file to​ services that make RSS syndicated content available for other users.

Third, you wait for approval of​ your RSS feed from each of​ the services.

Fourth, after you are accepted by a​ site you need to​ find out how often they will update their system with your latest XML RSS feed. You then need to​ ensure that you are updating your information at​ the appropriate time!

Finally, you need to​ sit back and enjoy the fruits of​ your labor! This is​ when you will begin to​ see increased traffic and sales to​ your site.

Rss Provides Multiple Opportunities To Share Your Information

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