Royal Caribbean Review

Royal Caribbean Review

Why Take a​ Royal Caribbean Cruise Vacation? Well, with all the different cruise ships in​ their line, all the destinations,and the affordable price range, there are cruises to​ please every traveller, no matter how jaded.

In our fast-paced society, Royal Caribbean offers a​ very cost-effective and time-efficient way to​ take a​ holiday. Think about driving all day through holiday traffic to​ a​ far-away destination, packing and unpacking at​ every hotel, and trying to​ find restaurants and personal services. On a​ Royal Caribbean cruise you don’t drive anywhere for weeks at​ a​ time. Even on a​ tour bus , it's you personally who must handle all the luggage and repack at​ each new destination. On a​ cruise, your bags arrive with you when you check in​ and the staff transports them to​ your cabin, stateroom, or​ suite. You are at​ home immediately and don't have to​ move until the cruise ends. And cruise ship cuisine is​ legendary in​ both quantity and quality. Each Royal Caribbean ship has world class restuarants staffed by award-winning chefs, and the cruise price includes the cost of​ the food. at​ every port, guided tours are available so you won't miss any of​ the spectacular attractions. You can take a​ holiday from parental duties as​ well, since supervised activities and games are available to​ keep children occupied. And at​ the end of​ your holidy staff will arrive to​ pick up your luggage and take it​ to​ the intended pick-up point. Cruise ship facilities free you from so many of​ the worries and strain associated with traveling, and allow you to​ relax and actually enjoy your vacation time.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines offers the some of​ the best deals in​ the travel industry. Conde Nast Traveler consistently rates Royal Caribbean Cruises as​ one of​ the world's best cruise ship lines. Services include informative lectures about your location, upscale boutiques, and Broadway-style entertainment. Some ships even have facilities for ice-skating shows. Try your luck in​ the Casino or​ even collect fine art at​ the onboad auction. Enjoy exotic nightlife at​ clubs with various themes.

You'll never feel neglected at​ the onboard spa. Try a​ deluxe manicure and pedicure, a​ luxurious facial or​ even a​ relaxing massage. You'll leave glowing and invigorated.

But Royal Caribbean isn't just for the adult traveller. Royal Caribbean features an​ Adventure Ocean Youth Program and Fisher-Price Aqua Babies and Aqua Tots to​ occupy younger passengers. When the ship reaches port, adults have the opportunity to​ take cultural tours by themselves without hauling along bored and unwilling children . And the the younger set can enjoy vigorous, noisy activities such as​ a​ rock-climbing wall without wearing out the parents. One ship under construction, Freedom of​ the Seas, is​ being equipped with onboard surfing!

Age or​ disability do not hamper cruising. Modern cruise ships are specifically designed to​ accommodate the needs of​ aged and mobility-impaired passengers, and staff is​ always ready to​ help with the special medical needs of​ passengers. Nowadays most major cruise lines accommodates those who require dialysis or​ supplemental oxygen, and more medical services are available if​ requested beforehand. an​ emergency clinic with CPR equipment is​ available on each ship, saving you the trouble of​ finding an​ English-speaking doctor in​ a​ foreign country.

Dinner is​ a​ major form of​ entertainment on a​ cruise ship, a​ practice dating back more than a​ hundred years to​ the era when cruises were for nobility and the wealthy who expected elegant formal meals. With today's laid-back lifestyle the old-fashioned elegance is​ optional, and for those who enjoy casual dining, meals can be obtained around the clock from room service and cafeterias. However, what is​ a​ cruise without glamour? it​ can be a​ lot of​ fun to​ go to​ a​ ritzy event where ladies show off their best attire and jewelry, and gentlemen wear tuxedos.

And don't forget the cruise destination itself! Royal Caribbean docks at​ a​ different port of​ call every few days, depending upon distances and sailing time between local ports. Aside from the caribbean, these ships sail all around the world, to​ Hawaii, Mexico, the Panama Canal, New England, Alaska and many European ports. It's up to​ you whether you want to​ explore onshore or​ lounge aboard the ship all day. You are free to​ investigate each destination on your itinerary as​ long as​ you arrive back at​ the dock in​ time for departure.

Optional activities are offered for a​ slight extra cost, and Royal Caribbean offers adventures geared toward the unique features of​ every destination. There are cruisetours, a​ combination land/sea package to​ further explore inland in​ Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Whistler Resort and Europe.

With all these pleasing and unique services available at​ such affordable prices, why not think about a​ Royal Caribbean Cruise for your next sea vacation?

Royal Caribbean Review

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