Rosemary A New Treatment For Low Blood Pressure

Rosemary A New Treatment For Low Blood Pressure

Rosemary a​ New Treatment for​ Low Blood Pressure?
Rudolf Weiss, the​ German herbalist, has some interesting ideas on low blood pressure. He describes it​ as​ being simply an aspect of​ a​ more deep seated problem. He also believes that when people have low blood pressure but no symptoms, that it​ does not require treatment. I ​ do not suggest that this should replace your doctors advice though! But I ​ find it​ interesting, as​ a​ possible complementary treatment option, to​ consider his view that low blood pressure is​ the​ product of​ a​ weak circulation. as​ such, gentle herbs that support circulation may be a​ useful adjunct to​ whatever other therapy is​ suggested.
He stresses the​ underlying factor of​ a​ regulatory imbalance. and​ he suggests herbs like rosemary, that have a​ tonic effect, would be a​ useful support. Particularly in​ times of​ mental or​ physical stress, or​ after surgery, or​ some other illness that may have weakened the​ body, like the​ flu. He does say that treatment should only be for​ a​ limited time. He makes the​ point that life insurance statistics indicate that people with hypotension on average live longer than people with blood pressure in​ the​ normal range. Weiss, p185
Rosemary is​ quite a​ diverse herb. it​ is​ used effectively for​ headaches, particularly migraine. the​ herbalist Michael Tierra writes that many headaches are caused by stomach problems, and​ that the​ volatile oils in​ rosemary have a​ very beneficial and​ calming effect on the​ stomach. Rosemary also contains salicylic acid, which is​ the​ precursor of​ aspirin. Though being in​ plant form it​ doesnt have the​ long term side effects.
Rosemary is​ excellent for​ the​ circulation, and​ is​ often prescribed by herbalists for​ circulatory weakness Fisher & Painter. the​ active constituents known as​ the​ flavanoids are heart and​ blood vessel tonics. So, as​ well as​ hypotension, rosemary is​ suggested for​ poor circulation, hypertensive headaches, and​ arrhythmias.
Externally, rosemary spirit is​ used for​ rheumatic problems Weiss. it​ can also be massaged into the​ heart area.
Another active constituent of​ rosemary is​ rosemarinic acid, which is​ a​ phenolic acid. Rosemarinic acid has an antiinflammatory effect. a​ study found that a​ rosemarinic preparation was effective in​ treating allergic asthma. it​ has also been found to​ suppress synovitis in​ mice. Synovitis is​ an inflammation of​ the​ lining of​ the​ joints, with swelling, which is​ quite painful. it​ is​ involved in​ rheumatoid arthritis. Rosemarinic acid can also prevent the​ activation of​ prostacyclin and​ complement, which leads to​ hypotension Fisher & Painter.
Overall, this suggests that scientific research supports the​ herbalists uses of​ rosemary for​ hypotension, poor circulation, and​ rheumatic problems such as​ rheumatoid arthritis. One problem has been that products which contained rosemary had quite low concentrations, although some supplement manufacturers have be​gun​ to​ make a​ very concentrated rosemary product. Concentrations of​ rosemarinic acid in​ these range from 5% to​ 70%. and​ given that rosemarinic acid is​ an incredibly powerful antioxidant as​ well, this would make it​ a​ good choice for​ preventing heart disease.
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