Romania Casinos

Romania Casinos

The only legal form of​ gambling in​ Romania is​ in​ casinos,​ so it​ doesn't look like Romania's casinos have much competition for the​ gambling dollar. This is​ something of​ a​ change for the​ country,​ as​ until 1989 it​ was run by a​ rather unspeakable dictator called Nicolae Ceauscescu. Certainly nothing as​ liberal and open as​ allowing people to​ do as​ they wished with their own money would have been allowed. This meant that while there was indeed gambling (as of​ course there is​ everywhere),​ it​ was underground,​ in​ the​ black economy. When there was an​ uprising and the​ dictator,​ alongside his wife,​ was shot,​ then the​ country started to​ move back into the​ more normal state of​ affairs. Legalizing gambling,​ allowing Romania's casinos to​ start up,​ was an​ obvious part of​ this process.

A list of​ Romania's casinos includes:

Arad: Casinoul Astoria Arad

Bucharest: Astoria Casino

Casino Blindo Hotel Sofitel

Casino Bucharest Hotel Inter-Continental

Casino Bucur

Casino Kings

Casino Palace

Casino Paris & Hotel

Casino Victoria

Casino Vox

Grand Casino

Lido Casino & Lido Hotel

Marriott Grand Hotel & Casino

Mirage Casino Hotel Ambasador

Perla Princess Casino

Planet Princess Slot Casino

Plaza Casino Club

Princess Casino Havana

Constanta: Cazino

Felix: Casino Salzor

Galati: Sofin Hotel & Casino

Iasi: Bond Casino Mokdova

Mamaia: Casino Best

Rimnicu Vilcea: Casino Royal

Sinaia: Hotel Palas

Peles Castle and Casino

Timisoara: Casino Senitor

Casino Sterling

As you can see,​ there is​ a​ thriving casino sector. However,​ it​ does need to​ be said that Romania's casinos might not all meet the​ usual description of​ a​ casino. Many of​ them have no gaming tables at​ all,​ or​ do not offer roulette,​ or​ have other omissions. Some of​ them have only video poker games and similar electronic games available,​ for example.

In common with much of​ Eastern Europe and the​ ex-Soviet Union these days (and Romania,​ despite the​ 1989 events,​ was something of​ a​ slow starter),​ there are a​ goodly number of​ people who have made very large sums of​ money very quickly. Some legally,​ some not,​ and some in​ a​ grey area inbetween. Romania's casinos are a​ frequent stopping place for all three of​ these groups,​ and it​ does pay to​ find out which are the​ best casinos in​ any specific town you are visiting.

In the​ best high quality Romania casinos,​ you might still find those who have made their money all too quickly,​ but you will be assured that everything from the​ decorations to​ the​ quality of​ the​ food and the​ drink will be of​ the​ very best.

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