Roller Skating A Popular Sport

Many people seem to​ think that roller skates are a​ relatively recent invention, and​ a​ popular 20th-century kids’ toy. However, roller skates have actually been around for​ over two centuries, and​ have many other uses apart from child’s play.

The most commonly seen kind of​ roller skates today are actually roller blades, also known as​ inline skates. They have all the​ wheels in​ a​ line instead of​ arranged in​ the​ classic car-style formation, which allows you to​ travel much faster at​ the​ expense of​ making it​ a​ little more difficult to​ balance, a​ similar trade-off to​ that made with a​ two-wheeled bicycle.

In fact, the​ original purpose of​ roller skates was as​ a​ means of​ transportation: a​ kind of​ ‘wheeled shoe’ that you could fix to​ your feet and​ move from one place to​ another with little effort. Although it​ is​ rare, some people still use them this way today – particularly teenagers, but also office workers in​ cities who don’t have too far to​ go and​ don’t want to​ take a​ bike.

Roller-skating is​ also a​ popular sport, and​ it​ is​ even thought that it​ might soon be added to​ the​ Olympics. Skate-parks that have been designed to​ accommodate the​ resurgence of​ skateboarding can also be easily used for​ roller-skating, and​ skaters can pull off similar tricks and​ manoeuvres to​ skateboarders this way. Roller skate racing is​ also quite popular, with people competing to​ get from one side of​ an​ obstacle course to​ the​ other in​ the​ fastest time.

If you’re still not convinced of​ the​ popularity of​ roller skating, it’s worth noting that every week in​ many of​ the​ world’s largest cities, tens of​ thousands gather and​ skate together. the​ biggest and​ most famous event is​ Paris’ Friday-night Pari Roller, but smaller events can be found in​ Berlin, Tokyo and​ London, among others.

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