Rollbak Tonneau Cover Review

Rollbak Tonneau Cover Review

The Rollbak tonneau cover has so many features I could probably sit here and type all day long about it. I will try to​ resist myself and make this short and sweet. The Rollbak truck bed cover is​ made by Bak Industries and is​ one tough tonneau cover.

It is​ a​ retractable tonneau cover which retracts into a​ canister behind the truck cab. The canister is​ made of​ a​ rugged ABS which is​ very durable and with its rounded design is​ made to​ expel water. The average canister is​ about 8.5 inches in​ diameter and some are even smaller which leaves you with an​ added space under the canister in​ the front of​ the truck bed.

The side rails are lined with high density polyethylene which is​ even better than Teflon as​ Teflon freezes. You never have to​ grease this, and it​ will work well in​ all types of​ weather. Hot, cold, wet or​ dry, this cover is​ made for all weather.

The slats of​ the rollback retractable tonneau cover are made of​ powder coated industrial strength aluminum strong enough to​ withstand over 400 pounds. The slats are designed to​ channel water to​ the side tracks and then to​ the ABS canister and then out the bottom of​ the truck through hoses. The way the slats are designed, even if​ any water does get through the surface of​ the slats, it​ is​ still channeled to​ the side tracks.

The system is​ designed to​ stop every twelve inches as​ you close it​ so you can close it​ pretty much anywhere you want. The Rollbak truck bed cover locks automatically when closed all the way. There is​ no visible latch or​ locking system as​ it​ latches underneath the tonneau cover. You have to​ open the tailgate to​ access the latch for the truck bed cover. Then if​ you install a​ locking tailgate latch your tonneau cover is​ a​ very secure storage area. You can lift or​ lower the tailgate without moving the tonneau cover and the stake holes along the side of​ your truck bed remain uncovered which is​ great for any type of​ rack you use or​ tie downs.

The powder coat flat paint is​ a​ very durable finish which you can wax as​ you would the rest of​ your truck body. The installation is​ a​ no drill clamp system, but many applications use two self tapping screws at​ the front inside corners.

Listening to​ testimonials, mostly everyone loved the look and action of​ the Rollbak tonneau cover. However they pretty much all had a​ problem with the instructions that came with the truck bed cover. They were pretty vague and conflicted with the installation video on the Bak Industries website. it​ seems they were all able to​ get through the installation but would be much faster at​ it​ if​ they had to​ do it​ again. Even with the poor installation instructions they all said it​ was worth the troubles once they had it​ on.

Rollbak Tonneau Cover Review

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