Roll Up Style Tonneau Covers A Buying Guide

Roll Up Style Tonneau Covers A Buying Guide

Roll-up tonneau covers have been around for years. You’ve see them on plenty of​ trucks. Maybe you like the look of​ them, maybe you don’t. Either way, they’re worth every penny. Let’s go over why.

First and foremost, they are inexpensive. While a​ hard shell tonneau cover can sell for well over a​ thousand dollars, you can pick up most soft, roll-up style tonneau covers for just a​ few hundred dollars.

And speaking of​ expense, don’t forget about shipping. While many large items have to​ be shipped through a​ freight service (body kits, Fiberglass tonneau covers, hoods), your typical roll-up style, soft tonneau cover (due to​ its compact profile) fits in​ quite a​ small box and will ship through standard ground shipping service. And unlike larger, bulkier items, they can be expedited if​ need be.

Installation is​ easy too. Most, if​ not all roll-up style, soft bed covers install with no tools. They have easy-to-read, detailed step-by-step instructions that include photos and helpful tips on caring for your new cover. No friends? No worries. These soft tonneau covers can usually be installed piece-by-piece onto your bed without anyone’s assistance. There’s nothing bulky or​ unwieldy to​ hold onto. They really are quite simple to​ set up with most models installing in​ less than 30 minutes.

Let’s not forget about the protection factor here. The bed of​ your truck is​ for carrying cargo and other goodies and you don’t want your goods getting rained on, or​ worse, stolen. Roll-up tonneau covers offer convenience unparalleled by other covers. They can be rolled up, out of​ the way when loading cargo, and rolled back down when loading is​ done. Also, when you’ve got larger items to​ transport in​ the back of​ your truck, the convenience of​ being able to​ just “roll” the cover out of​ the way is​ phenomenal. Just try bringing home that new refrigerator if​ you have anything but a​ roll-up tonneau on your bed.

Last but not least is​ the performance aspect of​ a​ roll-up tonneau cover. in​ today’s economy and market, gas mileage (or lack thereof) is​ big news. if​ you install a​ tonneau cover on your bed, whether it​ be a​ soft tonneau cover, a​ hard bed cover, or​ any truck bed cover in​ between, you will see a​ marked increase in​ gas mileage. And don’t think for a​ second that lowering your tailgate actually helps with gas mileage, it​ doesn’t. The only thing that will really, truly help is​ to​ cover up that huge black hole of​ a​ bed with a​ nice, quality tonneau cover. The air comes over your hood and cab and then flows smoothly off the back of​ your truck for other people to​ deal with. You’ve got better things to​ worry about. Like what to​ buy next…

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