Risks To Avoid When Buying Medications From On Line Pharmacies

Risks To Avoid When Buying Medications From On Line Pharmacies

With the increasing price of​ prescription medications, many consumers are finding it​ more difficult to​ afford the price of​ prescriptions. Due to​ this, many such consumers are looking for alternate ways to​ find affordable medications. One of​ these avenues are purchasing medicines online. While doubtless it​ is​ possible to​ save a​ good bit of​ money by purchasing medicines online, consumers should be aware of​ all the facts; including risks, before buying online.

Risk # 1 - Inferior Quality Medications

One risk related to​ purchasing medicines online, is​ the possibility that you may receive medication that is​ not good quality. Even worse, the medication you receive could possibly be contaminated.

Sometimes, the products that have been marketed on the internet have been eventually discovered to​ either contain no medicine at​ all or​ a​ different medicine than the name under which it​ was marketed. in​ other cases, medication was sold stating that it​ contained a​ dosage that it​ did not. For example, it​ might have been marketed as​ a​ 500 mg dose when in​ reality, it​ only contained 100 mg. All these possibilities pose a​ particular danger if​ you are reliant on a​ medication.

Risk # 2 - Interactions With Other Medications

Another danger related to​ purchasing medications online involves the possibility of​ obtaining a​ medication without a​ prescription. Many medications are regulated by prescription for several very good reasons. First, most medications have properties which may react adversely with other medicines.

If you obtain medication online without a​ valid prescription and are unaware of​ the interactions it​ may have with other medications you are taking or​ conditions you may have; this may create a​ serious and life threatening situation.

Risk # 3 - Medications Not Approved by The FDA

Some websites offer to​ sell medications that have not yet been approved by the FDA. While it​ can be a​ lengthy and time consuming process to​ wait for the FDA to​ approve a​ drug, the process is​ in​ place with good reason. Taking medications that have not yet been approved by the FDA may expose you to​ all sorts of​ health risks.

Risk # 4 - Illegal Foreign Drugs

Sometimes you have no way of​ knowing if​ the medications you are buying online are actually coming from foreign countries. it​ is​ illegal to​ import medications into the United States from foreign countries. One reason this is​ illegal is​ because medications that have been produced outside the United States have been manufactured without quality assurance guidelines. They may be unsafe and dangerous. By purchasing medications online from a​ foreign country you may be putting yourself at​ risk for health issues as​ well as​ legal problems.

These warnings are not to​ say you should never purchase medicines online. Some companies which are perfectly legitimate and provide safe products at​ a​ reasonable price. to​ make sure that you are purchasing from a​ legitimate company and not a​ company that is​ merely trying to​ run a​ scam by offering unsafe products, there are a​ few things you can do.

First, make sure that the online company you are purchasing from is​ a​ licensed pharmacy. Check with the National Association of​ Boards of​ Pharmacy at​ their website to​ find out if​ the company you are interested in​ is​ a​ member.

Avoid buying from companies that do not appear to​ be based in​ the United States and offer to​ sell you medications without a​ prescription or​ to​ write you a​ prescription. This is​ a​ recipe for disaster.

By taking heed of​ the pitfalls detailed above, you can purchase medications online with confidence and save on your medication expenses.

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