Ringworm Of The Groin Treatment

Ringworm Of The Groin Treatment

Ringworm of​ the​ groin is​ the​ disease caused by a​ fungus. the​ disease shows itself as​ a​ patch in​ the​ shape of​ a​ circle and​ itches. This itch is​ responsible for​ another name of​ this disease- Jock Itch. Let us find out about what are the​ treatments for​ Ringworm of​ the​ groin.

Ringworm of​ the​ groin- confirm the​ disease first

Self-medication without proper diagnosis can be a​ danger. Many skin diseases cause itching and​ only itching should not betaken as​ a​ symptom that you may be suffering from Ringworm of​ the​ groin. it​ may be psoriasis, or​ another dermatitis that may be causing the​ itch. First time, you suffer, please consult a​ doctor and​ get the​ diagnosis done. Once you are sure that it​ is​ ringworm, you can work on treatment.

Ringworm of​ the​ groin- treatment

Application of​ anti fungal medications is​ the​ first line of​ treatment. They may be powders or​ creams. if​ that does not cure the​ problem in​ two weeks, your doctor may prescribe anti fungal tablets to​ be taken orally. Keep the​ groin area clean and​ dry. Don’t scratch yourself and​ touch other body parts after that. the​ ringworm may spread. Wear loose fitting clothes that breathe. Let the​ diseased part get lot of​ air. if​ you feel that by sitting in​ a​ wide legged position, you are getting air in​ the​ affected area, please do that in​ your privacy. Closing the​ legs together will increase humidity and​ warmth, which should be prevented.

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