Ride Motorcycle To Save Money And For Pleasure

Ride Motorcycle To Save Money And For Pleasure

The rising cost of​ gasoline in​ todays world has pushed the​ average consumer to​ new extremes to​ try to​ conserve fuel,​ and save money. There have been many inventions to​ help gain gas mileage,​ with the​ most recent being hybrid cars. Ever since the​ invention of​ the​ motorcycle in​ the​ early 1900's people have been improving upon the​ engines of​ the​ motorcycle and have been perfecting the​ fuel efficiency. However,​ no commercially ready solution so far has been able to​ compare to​ the​ motorcycles legendary conservation of​ gasoline.

The main reason that motorcycles receive such excellent fuel mileage,​ is​ simply a​ matter of​ weight. There is​ less machine and driver to​ propel forward,​ so there is​ less fuel consumed. This has been attempted in​ the​ car realm,​ however the​ results have been a​ bit hilarious. Three wheeled,​ covered cars simply look ridiculous. Any self respecting motorcycle rider wouldn't be caught in​ one of​ those things.

Some people may make the​ claim that their small car is​ better for their family. in​ some cases this may be true. However a​ family of​ three can ride in​ a​ motorcycle. Simply use a​ mounted side car and have one passenger in​ the​ side car,​ while the​ other passenger rides behind the​ driver. Using this configuration still allows for fuel savings,​ and gives the​ family some time spent on​ the​ open road in​ a​ fun and enjoyable way. When using this configuration,​ consider using a​ set of​ helmet mounted radios so that the​ whole family can communicate with each other.

Some motorcycles are able to​ achieve an​ amazing 80 miles per gallon of​ fuel,​ standard,​ not modified from the​ factory. the​ best car so far,​ commercially made has been a​ 63 miles per gallon hybrid from Honda. However,​ there is​ a​ point to​ consider in​ all of​ this,​ regarding insurance. With a​ brief interview from a​ national insurance company,​ the​ representative said that it​ is​ generally cheaper for motorcycle insurance than for automobile insurance. of​ course the​ actual amount that would be paid is​ based upon the​ drivers experience,​ driving history,​ motorcycle or​ automobile type,​ safety factors of​ each vehicle,​ and the​ actual cost of​ the​ vehicle.

So should you buy a​ motorcycle to​ replace your car? That choice is​ up to​ you. However,​ in​ a​ recent study,​ an​ independent company found that with rising costs of​ fuel,​ the​ sales of​ motorcycles has risen dramatically. I'm sure that these people did not simply trade in​ their cars for their new motorcycles. Rather they have started using the​ motorcycles for day to​ day errand running and such.

The last thing to​ consider when deciding whether to​ ride or​ drive,​ is​ the​ fun factor. Riding a​ motorcycle has been described as​ low altitude flying. Feeling the​ motor surge and the​ road soar beneath you as​ the​ machine floats along on​ a​ cushion of​ fun. Can you say that you feel this in​ a​ car? That is​ most likely not the​ case.

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