Reviewing The George Foreman Electric Grill

Reviewing The George Foreman Electric Grill

According to​ a​ George Foreman electric grill review by one site reviewer, grilling can't be any easier than with this barbecue grill.

All you have to​ do to​ use the George Foreman electric grill, according to​ this review, is​ just plug it​ in​ and wait ten minutes for its surface to​ heat up. This electric grill's range has a​ heat adjustor that lets you set it​ low to​ keep food warm all the way up to​ high to​ sear steaks.

The surface of​ this grill is​ non-stick, so not only do you not have to​ add any nonstick spray or​ grease but cleaning is​ quick and easy. This George Foreman electric grill review also points out the advantages of​ its subtle sloping, which draw the fat or​ other disposable liquids into the tray below. The dome is​ high and the lid vented, both helping to​ create a​ circular hot air flow. This gives the grill the added benefit of​ providing even cooking. This, according to​ the George Foreman electric grill reviewer, is​ especially important when preparing a​ big roast or​ a​ whole chicken.

You can put this George Foreman grill on your tabletop or​ let it​ stand on its own pedestal. The surface of​ the grill is​ approximately six inches high. The pedestal is​ aptly sturdy although this George Foreman electric grill owner mentioned that the grill did seem a​ little top heavy. This could be a​ concern if​ you have small active children in​ the area of​ your grill site. You'll want to​ keep an​ eye on it​ to​ make sure it​ is​ topple-proof.

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