Reviewing Different Netgear Wireless Network Adapters

Reviewing Different Netgear Wireless Network Adapters
If you are thinking about buying a​ Netgear wireless network adapter, then you have to​ know which products to​ stick with and​ which to​ get away from .​
After all, you do need to​ make sure that you get the​ best possible value from your money .​
Here are a​ few of​ the​ Netgear wireless network adapters available in​ the​ market today and​ some advice regarding each.
WPN311 – Netgear actually designed a​ new model out of​ this, and​ for​ good reason .​
This Netgear wireless network adapter is​ just flat-out horrible .​
The best performance you can get out of​ it​ is​ 10 feet –if you are lucky .​
Unfortunately, not every one of​ us is, right? When you consider the​ distance, you might just prefer using wires instead of​ going wireless.
Another issue with the​ Netgear wireless network adapter is​ the​ fact that the​ installation can be very difficult .​
In fact, the​ process is​ so tedious and​ complicated that a​ lot of​ people end up thinking if​ the​ product is​ even worth it .​
Of course, the​ signal strength can be quite excellent –but that's about it .​
Since you can get the​ signal quality from other Netgear wireless network adapters, you should just seek them out and​ forget this one.
WG111 – This is​ the​ best that Netgear has come up with so far .​
This Netgear wireless network adapter actually connects to​ your computer via USB port .​
This means you will be able to​ easily attach and​ detach it​ quite easily .​
While a​ PCI adapter may be cheaper, this USB Netgear wireless network adapter gives back in​ terms of​ performance .​
The WG111 actually allows quick data transfers .​
Another plus is​ the​ fact that it​ can actually be installed in​ under 2 minutes' time .​
This, of​ course, is​ thanks to​ the​ clear installation guide provided with the​ product –something that other wireless adapters lack .​
This Netgear wireless network adapter is​ also great because of​ its design .​
With the​ stick gum –size common to​ many USB devices, the​ WG111 can fit into your purse, your pocket and​ other carrying places .​
One disadvantage is​ that, unlike other USB devices, the​ WG111 does not have a​ slot to​ admit a​ key chain or​ ID tag –the common way of​ carrying USB devices around today.
This Netgear wireless network adapter also comes with a​ USB cable .​
If you want, you can attach the​ device directly to​ your computer .​
However, if​ you want to​ save yourself the​ trouble of​ having to​ reach into the​ back every time you have to​ connect or​ disconnect the​ adapter, then the​ cable is​ available for​ your use .​
Another advantage of​ this is​ that you won't be pressed for​ space with the​ adapter sticking out.
WG511T – This Netgear wireless network adapter is​ actually pretty decent .​
It can be very fast if​ you use it​ with other Netgear products .​
If not, the​ speed kind of​ plummets .​
This means that the​ product will perform excellently for​ you if​ you are an​ avid supporter of​ the​ Netgear line .​
The fact that it​ is​ easy to​ install and​ configure makes this Netgear wireless network adapter a​ winner with people .​
Add this to​ the​ fact that support can be easily reached and​ you have got quite an​ excellent device on your hand .​
Of course, the​ fact that it​ has a​ short warranty can turn people off.

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