Review Rainbow 6 Vegas

Review - Rainbow 6 Vegas
Let me start by saying it​ is​ not every day that a​ game comes along that after playing it​ a​ few times that you know in​ your heart this is​ the best game you have ever played .​
This was the case with me when I​ played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas .​
It is​ the latest title in​ Ton Clancy’s long running series; however, the first I​ have ever played.
I didn’t have much of​ an​ idea what to​ expect when I​ first turned the game on .​
After a​ few hours of​ playing and gotten the hang of​ the cover system, It was easy to​ see this game was heads above any of​ the first person shooters I​ had played before this .​
It certainly is​ not a​ run and gu​n shooter like so many titles before it​ you were seemingly have super powers and can run into rooms full of​ enemies and face them head on .​
The way the game forces you to​ make tactile decisions to​ succeed .​
Trying to​ pull Rambo run-in tactics simply will not work in​ this game .​
It is​ also one of​ the first squad based shooter I​ ever played that were really forced you to​ use team work as​ opposed to​ your character walking through the board doing all the work while two computers players walked behind you occasionally picking off a​ enemy here or​ two.
The single player campaign mode is​ a​ real blast, well done and challenging for any gamer but Vegas really shines in​ online cooperative modes .​
You really get a​ feel for being on a​ special forces unit because it​ forces you to​ communicate with team members and have a​ plan to​ complete the missions .​
Based on your successes you rise in​ rank which is​ only applicable to​ the online play of​ the game .​
This also allows you to​ unlock different armor and weapons packages specifically for online play.
The graphics aren’t as​ polished as​ Gears Of War but overall I​ think this is​ a​ better game .​
I​ definitely give this 10 out of​ 10 and a​ must-own title for the Xbox 360.

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