Review Of The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

Review Of The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is​ located in​ Las Vegas,​ Nevada. Built in​ an​ elaborate style,​ the​ Venetian is​ a​ luxurious resort in​ a​ prime location on​ the​ Strip,​ with numerous amenities,​ plush accommodations,​ 4,​000 suites,​ and an​ elegant casino.

There are over 19 restaurants on​ the​ premises for fine or​ casual dining,​ 80 boutiques and shops in​ an​ indoor street environment,​ a​ full-service salon,​ and a​ fitness center at​ the​ Venetian. Fabulous entertainment such as​ the​ Blue Man Group and thrilling gondola rides on​ the​ Grand Canal attract thousands of​ visitors to​ this top of​ the​ line Resort each year. the​ Venetian has four bars and lounges for exciting nightlife including the​ Tao Nightclub,​ the​ V Bar,​ and La Scena. in​ addition,​ guests can spend time at​ the​ Guggenheim Hermitage Museum or​ viewing Madame Tussaud’s collection of​ celebrity wax figures.

The 112,​000 square foot Doge’s Palace Casino,​ with marble floors and hand-painted fresco ceilings,​ offers a​ world of​ unsurpassed gambling from a​ wide variety of​ table games to​ hundreds of​ mega-jackpot slots and sports book betting.

The Venetian Poker Room,​ a​ gaming venue of​ approximately 11,​000 square feet and 39 tables,​ features the​ popular poker games of​ Texas Hold’em,​ Stud,​ 357 poker,​ Caribbean Stud,​ Let it​ Ride,​ and Omaha. Separate high stakes areas are also available,​ with seven tables,​ two lounges,​ butler service,​ and gourmet cuisine. There are progressive slot machines,​ high roller slots areas,​ video poker,​ million dollar jackpots,​ and expensive prizes. For avid slot players,​ there is​ the​ Gold Club Lounge,​ equipped with televisions,​ telephones,​ food and beverage service,​ and private bathrooms. the​ Venetian has an​ extensive selection of​ over 139 table games including pai gow poker and tiles,​ baccarat,​ craps,​ blackjack,​ Spanish 21,​ and roulette. Big screen monitors in​ the​ race and sporting events lounge provide gamblers with a​ complete range of​ pari-mutuel,​ sport book,​ and futures betting on​ major sport events including football,​ basketball,​ boxing,​ and hockey.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino also offers a​ Player’s Club,​ where your free membership earns rewards in​ the​ form of​ complimentary suites and dining,​ cash back,​ sweepstakes,​ and promotions. Venetian or​ Grazie points add up quickly for each dollar you spend in​ the​ Casino. These points can be redeemed for merchandise such as​ jewelry,​ luggage,​ and crystal,​ in​ addition to​ tickets for special events,​ concerts,​ and trips. Blackjack,​ poker,​ and slot tournaments are held year round. if​ you’re planning a​ trip to​ Vegas,​ be sure to​ consider the​ Venetian for the​ ultimate vacation.

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