Review Of Snow Blowers

Review Of Snow Blowers

Today, snow blowers or​ snow throwers are replacing the good old shovel also in​ private homes. This time of​ year it​ comes in​ handy for many people, but some consider it​ too big of​ an​ investment. I would like to​ take a​ look at​ some different types of​ snowblowers in​ order to​ highlight the variety that is​ actually available. There are very reasonable choices to​ be made whether you only want to​ clear your front lawn faster or​ have fields of​ snow to​ uncover! This review of​ snow blowers will help you choose the right product!


Snowblowers can be electric, or​ run on diesel or​ gasoline. The power is​ used to​ get the snow into the machine and to​ throw it​ out (hence ’snow thrower’). This also makes up the difference between snowblowers and regular snow plows.


Snowblowers are often divided into single-stage and dual-stage snowblowers. Single-stage snowblowers are often smaller, and has its name from the fact that both snow intake and output is​ done by a​ single impeller (a type of​ rotor).

Usually the single-stage snowblower can only cover a​ small and shallow area, but it​ can also be effective for larger jobs, as​ seen in​ snowblower attachments for trains. The high-speed all-in-one mechanism of​ the single-stage blower is​ effective in​ such a​ situation.

Dual-stage snowblowers are nevertheless more common than single-stage ones. The first of​ the two stages referred to​ in​ the name is​ the breaking up of​ the snow after intake. Augers (rotating helical flightings) take care of​ this job, as​ well as​ moving the snow to​ the impeller. in​ the second stage the impeller then blows the snow out of​ the discharge chute. The separation into two stages thus makes it​ possible to​ clear larger areas of​ snow – depending of​ course on the size of​ the snowblower itself.


Snowblowers come in​ a​ great variety of​ sizes, shapes and types. First of​ all, engine power varies from a​ few horsepower machines for home use to​ a​ thousand horsepower diesel engines. However, the engine size is​ usually chosen so as​ to​ be able to​ manage the jobs that the specific type of​ snowblower will bump into, so let us rather look at​ these types of​ snowblowers.

I want to​ mention three types of​ snowblowers. The first is​ the walk behind snowblower. The name says it​ all, really, and this is​ perhaps the most common snowblower for home use. Both single-stage and dual-stage walk behind snowblowers exist, and this can be a​ reasonable yet very effective choice.

Then there is​ the riding snowblower, which is​ similar to​ riding lawn mowers. This is​ a​ dedicated snowblower vehicle, yet still relatively small in​ size. They come in​ a​ variety of​ sizes and shapes, and for use on larger areas this is​ the natural choice.

Last, and definitively not least, is​ the snowblower attachment for use on tractor and tractor-like vehicles. These are some of​ the largest snowblowers, yet still often represent a​ very reasonable choice, because it​ is​ an​ attachment and not a​ dedicated vehicle. if​ you need to​ clear large areas, and own or​ plan to​ purchase a​ tractor or​ other vehicle that will support a​ snowblower attachment, this will probably be the way to​ go.

There is​ thus reasonable choices to​ be made in​ all the categories of​ snowblowers, and thinking through your needs beforehand can help in​ picking the right one for you. I hope that this review of​ snow blowers has been helpful to​ you in​ making your choice!

Review Of Snow Blowers

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