Review Of Callcentraic Features

Review Of Callcentraic Features

Review of​ Callcentraic features
We have heard of​ many different pc to​ phone call companies that even offer free pc to​ phone international calls .​
We asked ourselves a​ question - how many people actually use these types of​ telephone services? Who would want to​ use their computer to​ make calls and receive calls? And it​ actually turned out that a​ lot of​ people would rather use their pc to​ make and receive calls than use a​ regular phone line .​
We have taken a​ look at​ the company called Callcentric .​
This company seems to​ be relatively new on the market but has a​ lot of​ different calling features that might make it​ more popular than other companies.
Looking into the different features offered by this provider it​ seems that one feature actually sticks out more than the rest .​
Many of​ you have heard of​ three (3) way calling but what about four (4) way calling .​
This is​ something completely different and yet it​ is​ the same .​
You activate the feature the same way you would for three way calling but you are allowed to​ get a​ total of​ four different numbers or​ rather people on the line at​ the same time .​
This would be a​ great feature for a​ home office especially when it​ comes to​ conference calls .​
a​ lot of​ people have to​ get three or​ four people on the line at​ the same time and end of​ having to​ get their telephone company to​ provide a​ number to​ call so that the conference call can be made like that .​
And this feature is​ part of​ the plan so there are no extra charges .​
This is​ awesome!
What about those annoying calls where people whether they are friends, family members or​ those most creative (just joking) telemarketers who have their telephone numbers blocked .​
On landline telephones you use the caller ID to​ know whether or​ not to​ answer the telephone and have to​ either wait for the answering machine or​ voice mail to​ pick up .​
Well it​ seems Callcentric has taken it​ one step further and come out with anonymous call rejection .​
When you see those unknown callers coming through your pc you have the choice on what to​ do with them; either send them directly to​ your voice mail or​ you can send them to​ a​ prerecorded message that advises them that you do not accept calls from unknown callers and they have to​ call back with the number unblocked .​
It seems Callcentric gets better with their features.
Everyone has heard the saying BYOB but have you ever heard of​ BYOD .​
BYOD - Bring Your Own Device, what exactly is​ it? Well, with Callcentric you can use any type of​ phone whether it​ is​ the soft-phone or​ a​ regular telephone adapter, and as​ long as​ it​ supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) you can use it .​
With some devices you even can connect your pc to​ phone adapter and it​ will act as​ a​ broadband router .​
You can verify what devices have been tested by going to​ the support area of​ Callcentric.
The last two features that seem to​ be useful when it​ comes to​ Callcentric is​ the call forwarding feature and the call return .​
The call forwarding allows certain features to​ be used and where all incoming calls can be forwarded to​ another number .​
Call return lets you call back the last person who called even if​ you didn’t actually speak to​ that person.
It seems that using Callcentric and its PC to​ phone call which offers free pc to​ phone international call is​ one of​ the best PC telephone companies out there .​
It has tons of​ different great features which make the company one of​ the best.

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