Review For The Tri Fold Folding Tonneau Cover Made By Lund Genesis

Review For The Tri Fold Folding Tonneau Cover Made By Lund Genesis

The first thing I have to​ say about the Tri-Fold folding tonneau cover by Lund Genesis is​ this truck bed has an​ incredible amount of​ recommendations to​ other interested buyers. People seem to​ love their tri-fold tonneau cover. It’s kind of​ hard to​ write about the good and the bad points when mostly what I read are good points. Let me give you a​ description and some of​ its features and then I will get into its good and bad points.

The Tri-Fold tonneau cover is​ shipped pre-assembled and just needs to​ be installed on your pickup truck. This truck bed cover is​ constructed of​ a​ double-sided tear resistant fabric which should give you many years of​ use. The hardware for this truck lid is​ made of​ aluminum and is​ powder coated. it​ has straps which hold the tarp secure when in​ the open position. The Tri-Fold tonneau cover comes with a​ lifetime warranty. Lund boasts that you are able to​ install this cover in​ under three minutes. in​ my opinion it​ would take a​ little longer if​ you cared about your purchase at​ all. But I would agree it​ does install very fast.

The Lund Tri-Fold tonneau cover is​ very popular and is​ highly recommended by previous buyers. Previous buyers say they have noticed an​ increase in​ their gas mileage and admire how quickly the cover is​ installed. They also appreciate how the truck bed cover looks on their pickup trucks. Many are very happy with the folding feature and how quick and easy it​ is​ to​ get to​ access to​ their truck bed compared to​ snap covers they previously owned. Previous buyers also mentioned how dry their cargo stayed even after heavy rains. of​ course this next goes for pretty well all truck lids but if​ your looking for the benefits of​ owning a​ tonneau cover… it​ is​ excellent in​ protecting your cargo from the wind. it​ also keeps your cargo out of​ the eyes of​ people who take things that don’t belong to​ them. Many people say they love doing business with the people I personally am involved with and they would buy from them again for sure. It’s always nice when I hear that.

Now as​ in​ any product people do find some negative things about it. Some people are concerned with the plastic parts of​ the clamps they would rather if​ they were metal. a​ few have said they wished the tri-fold tonneau cover had the same contour as​ their truck bed. it​ seems on some trucks the corners round off and the tri-fold corners are not so round causing the corner of​ the lid to​ stick out a​ little farther than the truck bed. Another suggestion some people had was Lund provide more foam tape especially if​ you have a​ bed liner that goes over the rails of​ your truck bed, it​ seems some vehicles have a​ little gap that needs to​ be filled. Another suggestion was Lund provide a​ metal loop on the tonneau so one could attach a​ cable and a​ lock so someone would not be able to​ steal the cover itself. One more thing worth mention if​ you have a​ bed liner that goes over the rails of​ your truck be prepared to​ have to​ make some minor cuts in​ the bed liner to​ permit the use of​ the clamps.

I could go on talking about how pleased people are with the Tri-Fold tonneau cover but instead I will sum it​ up by saying this…. Do I think the Tri-Fold tonneau cover by Lund is​ worth the money? in​ my opinion, by everything I have read about this truck bed cover I have come to​ the conclusion this truck lid is​ worth more than what you are going to​ pay for it. The good points outweigh the bad points heavily.

Review For The Tri Fold Folding Tonneau Cover Made By Lund Genesis

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