Retro Toys Whos Buying Them

Retro Toys Whos Buying Them

The shelves are packed with toys with a​ cross generational appeal, but which demographic is​ buying most?

As Christmas looms ahead, thoughts move towards the hottest toys this year and parents steel themselves in​ the annual slog to​ make sure they get the sought after merchandise. And so do a​ lot of​ grown men. The recent trend for retro toys has had an​ impact on the sort of​ shopper we find in​ toy stores and online.

A two tier market has developed, stimulated by an​ increase in​ retro culture. The TV schedules and multiplexes are filled with remakes – The Dukes of​ Hazzard, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Starsky and Hutch, Bewitched, Doctor Who and Star Wars have all made an​ outing in​ the last year alone. But as​ these remakes and rehashes appear vying for an​ audience, the question has to​ be asked – who is​ the audience? These films have a​ cross-generational appeal – the kids they are strictly catered for and the kids who watched them the first time around.

The impact on the commercial worlds is​ profound. The merchandising industry which inevitably surrounds the movie and TV world knows all too well of​ the two tier market and are all too happy to​ fill some of​ the shelves for their newfound taller customers. The web is​ a​ fertile marketplace for the bigger kids, with DVD and film sites such as​ catering for cult and retro films almost exclusively. Similarly, a​ large number of​ online toy stores such as​ are springing up with the intention of​ selling merchandise – Doctor Who Toys, Star Wars Toys - with a​ specifically grown–up appeal.

With the trend for Hollywood to​ look retrospectively in​ it’s efforts to​ fill the multiplexes, the trend for retro toys looks set to​ continue. a​ look at​ the forthcoming releases – King Kong, Wonder Woman, Indiana Jones 4 – tells us that that the big boys will be pushing you out of​ the way to​ get to​ their favourite toys in​ Christmases to​ come.

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