Retirement Party Ideas A Simple Guide To Retirement Party Planning

Retirement Party Ideas A Simple Guide To Retirement Party Planning

Planning a​ fun and memorable retirement party can seem like a​ huge chore if​ you don’t have a​ game plan for the party already in​ place. to​ help get you on your way, we’ve created a​ basic guideline that is​ intended to​ make your job easier and spark your creativity. For organizational purposes, the guideline is​ broken down into seven major categories:


Selecting the right venue for a​ retirement party plays a​ critical role in​ determining how much time and effort you will have to​ put into planning the party. in​ general, parties held in​ the workplace demand more planning time and effort because they require you to​ supply your own food and beverages, decorations, and other party supplies. a​ restaurant can be an​ easy venue option for many reasons. to​ name a​ few, holding the party at​ a​ restaurant minimizes your setup and cleanup times, it​ eliminates the need for food shopping and preparation, and it​ reduces the need for party decorations. if​ holding the party at​ a​ restaurant isn’t an​ option, consider where exactly in​ your workplace you want to​ hold the party. The kitchen or​ break room isn’t always the best option!

Day and Time

Choose a​ day and time for the party when everyone will be in​ the office and will not be in​ a​ rush to​ get back to​ work or​ their home immediately after. We recommend hosting the party on a​ Thursday afternoon during work hours (4 to​ 5 p.m. works well). By holding the party during work hours, you will get a​ far better turnout.


Choosing a​ theme for a​ retirement party is​ not essential, but it​ can add an​ extra element of​ fun to​ the occasion, especially if​ you are holding the party at​ your workplace. in​ choosing a​ theme, consider where the person might be moving after retiring or​ if​ they have a​ favorite hobby that they will be pursuing in​ their retirement. For example, if​ the person is​ moving to​ Hawaii, you could throw and island-themed party. if​ they love to​ play golf, that could be a​ theme as​ well. if​ the person has a​ noteworthy trait, you can also make that a​ theme for the party (i.e. if​ they always wear blue shirts to​ work, you could inform the guests to​ wear blue shirts).


Decorations for the party can be simple as​ long as​ they are creative. if​ you choose not to​ have a​ theme for the party, you can always hang framed portraits or​ pictures of​ the person that is​ retiring. if​ the person who is​ retiring has a​ good sense of​ humor, you can doctor the images in​ Adobe Photoshop to​ get a​ rise out of​ the guests.

Food and Beverage

Serve hors d'oeuvres and drinks to​ stay within budget and keep the preparations manageable. if​ you are holding the party in​ a​ restaurant, make sure to​ prearrange which hors d'oeuvres will be served. if​ the person retiring has a​ favorite food or​ beverage, serve it​ if​ it​ fits in​ with your theme. Be sure to​ consult your company’s alcohol policy if​ you plan to​ serve any alcoholic beverages.


Party activities should be fun but not overwhelming. Your guests will want to​ chat and have the opportunity to​ give their best to​ the person who is​ retiring. Slideshows and roasts are two popular retirement party activities. a​ slide show can either be played in​ the background during the party, or​ it​ can be narrated with a​ story. a​ video roast can be another good option. to​ organize the video roast, send out an​ email to​ the person’s friends and colleagues asking them for stories that you can videotape. Employ a​ funny and well-liked person to​ serve as​ the roast master. The roast master can introduce the video with a​ funny story and also conclude the roast with a​ few upbeat, witty remarks.


Invitations for the party can be done in​ a​ number of​ easy ways: send an​ email, post flyers in​ the office, and place formal invitations in​ work mailboxes. a​ reminder email is​ always helpful the morning of​ the party to​ ensure maximum attendance.

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