Retirement Income Planning Mutual Funds

Retirement Income Planning Mutual Funds

Retirement Income Planning: Mutual Funds
When willing to​ invest in​ mutual funds for Supplemental Retirement Income Planning, you have millions of​ alternatives .​
It is​ always important to​ analyze the plan, its limitations and the risks you will be running, and thus, it​ would be easier for you to​ narrow your alternatives .​
For this matter, it​ could be helpful to​ get in​ contact with a​ Retirement Income Planning financial professional .​

Mutual funds are classified in​ three main categories that differ in​ regards to​ their risks, features and rewards .​
They are money market funds, bond funds, which also receive the name of​ fixed income and finally, stock funds, which are also called equity funds .​
Let’s take a​ deeper look at​ each one of​ them .​

Money Market Funds can only invest in​ just some high-quality, short-term investment that be issued by the U.S .​
government, U.S .​
corporations and local governments .​
These funds attempt to​ keep the value of​ a​ share in​ a​ fund, called the net asset value (NAV) at​ a​ stable $1.00 a​ share .​
The returns for these funds have always been lower than the other two kinds of​ funds .​
Because of​ this, money market funds investors have to​ be aware about the inflation risk .​
Although Bond Funds are a​ bit risky than money market ones, most of​ the time, risks can be controlled with greater certainty than stocks .​
In addition, due to​ the fact that there are many types of​ Bund Funds, their risks and rewards vary greatly .​
These risks may encompass credit risk, which refers to​ the possibility that issuers whose bonds are owned by the fund do not pay their debts; interest rate risk and prepayment risk, which is​ associated to​ the chance that a​ bond be retired early .​
Finally, there are differences between one stock fund and another .​
For instance, Growth Funds are focused on stocks that provide large capital gains, Income Funds invest in​ stocks that pay regular dividends, and Sector Funds are specialized in​ particular industry segments .​
In general, they present a​ medium-to-high level of​ risk .​

Thus, people who are planning to​ invest in​ a​ fund that combines growth and income, which are definitely key factors, may find mutual funds an​ interesting balanced alternative choice for Supplemental Retirement Income Planning.

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