Retail And Shopping

Retail And Shopping

About seven years ago, at​ the​ dawn of​ the​ new millennium, many people regarded internet shopping as​ a​ taboo, something unheard of, with one of​ the​ main reasons being a​ lack of​ trust placed in​ the​ payment system. How do we know our details will be safe, is​ an​ example of​ one of​ the​ many questions asked. Yet in​ today’s fast paced world that taboo has turned into a​ revolution. With thousands of​ online stores, people are using internet shopping more and​ more these days. From electronic and​ specialist goods, right down to​ basic grocery shopping, you could survive in​ this life without ever having to​ leave your front door for​ any forms of​ purchases. So if​ you are still in​ the​ dark about how it​ all works and​ how to​ get started, this article will hopefully enlighten you and​ turn you into a​ committed online shopper.

Yet before I show you some of​ the​ best places to​ order online, you may still have your doubts at​ how safe your credit card details are, so to​ begin with it​ might be best to​ explain how your details are protected and​ how to​ maximize your safety.

When it​ comes to​ online shopping, you will always have what is​ known as​ a​ basket to​ place your goods in. Once you have chosen everything you want, you go to​ the​ checkout service. Like any old store, this is​ where you hand over the​ money, although instead of​ a​ person doing it, it’s a​ computer. All online shopping websites will have a​ secure payment system, with all sorts of​ protection coded into their sites to​ enable maximum security against hackers (in fact in​ most cases of​ fraud on the​ internet, attackers use viruses on your computer to​ steal details meaning the​ site has nothing to​ do with it​ at​ all). All you have to​ do is​ enter your credit card details and​ their computer will do the​ rest. Sounds a​ bit scary at​ first, as​ how do you know they won’t keep your details? Well, there are steps you can take to​ ensure you are on a​ trusted site, with their payment system approved by a​ respectable third party.

For starters, when you go to​ the​ checkout screen, it​ is​ always useful to​ look at​ the​ address bar where it​ would normally say if​ you are on a​ secure checkout page (and if​ you are not, do not use it!) instead of​ having http:// at​ the​ start, it​ should say https://. the​ s stands for​ secure, so make sure its there!

This might seem a​ little technical to​ someone not used to​ computers, so there are other ways to​ check whether or​ not you should shop on certain sites. for​ example, if​ you can not use your credit or​ debit card on there, it​ would be advisable to​ steer well clear. Credit and​ debit cards have insurance and​ protection plans to​ repair misuse of​ your details. if​ you end up paying with a​ bank transfer for​ instance, and​ your account is​ hacked, that person has got access to​ your entire bank account instead of​ say a​ low limit credit card where it​ will be blocked if​ suspicious usage is​ found on it. Even more the​ damage would be far more severe as​ not all banks pay back what you loose.

So now that you are hopefully up to​ speed on secure internet shopping, now might be a​ good time to​ explain to​ you exactly where you can go to​ shop. Well, firstly it​ depends on what you want. One of​ the​ most internationally renowned sites is​ Amazon ( it​ is​ available in​ multiple countries with its own site for​ each one, and​ sells nearly everything except clothes and​ food. for​ instance, if​ you are after a​ mobile phone, it​ is​ more than likely that Amazon will have the​ one you are looking for, and​ normally at​ a​ reduced rate, while if​ you are searching for​ the​ new Stephen king book, its bound to​ be on there. Because Amazon is​ so internationally renowned, you are going to​ be very safe shopping with them. in​ fact, you might end up logging on to​ Amazon and​ finding you have bought tons of​ stuff you would never have dreamed of​ buying as​ they recommend products to​ you based on the​ searches you make on their site.

Yet while Amazon has nearly every popular product, it​ might be extremely hard to​ find certain niche and​ especially older items. it​ might be possible that it​ does not have what you want in​ stock either, and​ this can present problems. This is​ where eBay comes into the​ picture. if​ you have not heard of​ eBay at​ some point, then you are missing out. eBay is​ the​ world’s largest online auction site with millions of​ users selling stuff every day. if​ what you are looking for​ has been discontinued on certain sites and​ stores, then eBay might have what you are after. People sell all sorts of​ junk on there which you can bid for, and​ if​ bidding for​ old tat is​ not your thing, then you can log onto eBay express which contain new businesses selling brand new products for​ fixed prices.

Finally, if​ for​ some reason you can not find what you are looking for​ on eBay, you can always turn to​ Google’s Froogle. While that phrase may sound strange, the​ acclaimed search engine Google has set up a​ special search engine called Froogle ( which search’s online shops for​ the​ best prices for​ the​ products that you are after. All you do is​ enter the​ product that you want and​ it​ will search through thousands of​ sites to​ find you the​ best prices and​ gives you the​ links to​ them. in​ fact, you do not even have to​ log onto Amazon or​ eBay as​ Froogle searches them for​ you to.

Hopefully now that you’re coming to​ the​ end of​ this article, you’ve realized that online shopping is​ not as​ a​ harrowing experience as​ you might have through, and​ you are now prepared to​ take your first steps into this cyber world that we seem to​ inhabit in​ these modern times.

Retail And Shopping

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